Another Way Home

Title: Another Way Home (Chicory Inn #3)
Author: Deborah Raney
Pages: 304
Year: 2015
Publisher: Abingdon Press
My rating is 5+ stars.
We met the Whitman family in the first book of the series, Home to Chicory Lane, followed by Two Roads Home. In each story, we are given a bird’s-eye view into the various issues some of the grown Whitman children have faced along with how they interact and the running of the inn. Here, in the third book, the author tackles a couple of hard issues such as domestic abuse, infertility, adoption, marriage and faith. I was really grabbed by the heart when Danea continued to be disappointed about not getting pregnant even when spending so much money.
As God opens her eyes, she decides to volunteer at a home for domestically fractured families, meeting a woman named Misty. When Danea and her husband Dallas willingly take Misty’s son into their home over Thanksgiving, there comes a point when it becomes evident that Misty is in trouble. She doesn’t return as agreed a…

Annie's Stories

Title: Annie’s Stories (an Ellis Island novel)
Author: Cindy Thomson
Pages: 416
Year: 2014
Publisher: Tyndale
Reading is such a sweet endeavor and a blessing to be sure, especially when discovering a new author. Annie’s Stories is the second book in the Ellis Island series with the first book being, Grace’s Pictures, published by Tyndale in May of 2013. Losing myself in the pages of the tale was a rich and rewarding experience. The story is rich, robust, historical, reminding the audience of what others might have experienced before us, both the good and the bad. The best part was learning even more about the book written by L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, along with how novels and illustrations were meant to teach virtues and character traits.
Annie is of Irish descent whose father loved storytelling, which I learned is a tradition steeped deeply in the Irish culture. Annie’s father dies, leaving her as she views her life all alone …

Angels Walkking

Title: Angels Walking Book #1
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Pages: 384
Year: 2014
Publisher: Howard
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What an exploding work of fiction! Angels Walking, the first book in a new series written by Karen Kingsbury, turns out to be an exceptional and inspirational debut. My curiosity is what drew me to the book; I wondered how the author would portray angels in a fictional yet Biblical way. When I began reading, I knew beyond a doubt that while a fictional piece of work promised an adventure, I was blessed at how Karen weaves in the spiritual reality of warfare that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
I don’t want to reveal too much of the story so as not to ruin your own discovery, but I will share enough to whet your appetite. Two angels volunteer for a mission on earth to help two individuals, Sami and Tyler, meet in order to fulfill the long term plan God has for them. The angels have no clue as to all that the mission will require or the way to do G…

Always Watching

Title: Always Watching (Elite Guardians #1)
Author: Lynette Eason
Pages: 329
Year: 2016
Publisher: Revell
Lynette Eason delivers again with this new series! I loved the idea of having a company of all women bodyguards; I thought the idea very original. This first book is focused on Olivia Edwards and her story.
Olivia Edwards used to be a cop, but now she runs a company with her partners of all female bodyguards. This particular assignment originally has Maddy as the bodyguard for a local widowed psychiatrist, who also does a radio talk show at night. The psychiatrist, Wade Savage, has a stalker and that is why he has a bodyguard. The stalker quickly escalates her by taking Maddy out of the picture at the beginning of the story. So it is Olivia’s turn in the rotation of the security schedule to now be on duty to Wade and his daughter, Amy.
The moves quickly along with the stalker becoming more and more bold with her actions. More and more people are being injured or killed. Olivia wonders ho…

Death of a Jester (A Branigan Powers Mystery #3)

Title:Death of a Jester (A Branigan Powers Mystery #3)
Author:Deb Richardson-Moore
Publisher: Lion Fiction
My rating is 3 out of 5 stars.
First off, I want to make clear that I don’t consider a 3-star review as a negative review as some sites categorize.I consider it to be an average rating.I would rate this a 3.5-star rating, but most sites don’t allow for half-star ratings.
Branigan Powers has received her assignment to cover a clown sighting, with the clown trying to lure young children into the woods with candy.The clown has made more than one appearance, but so far has been unsuccessful in his attempts to take a child.Some think the clowns are a hoax or the people reporting them are making up the story.Soon, a child does fall prey to a clown and is kidnapped.He is taken from a homeless family, so what is the clown’s purpose in taking him?There will be no payment of ransom as the family has no money.Branigan is on the case and has the help of Malachi, a homeless veter…

When Through Deep Waters

Title:When Through Deep Waters
Author: Rachelle Dekker
Pages: 400
Year: 2018
Publisher: Tyndale
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
Rachelle Dekker is the daughter of author Ted Dekker.Both write novels that aren’t the norm and usually the reader doesn’t know until later in the book that it is packed with deep spiritual truths.I am not sure what I was expecting when I opened the book, but during my travel in the tale the truth punched my right in heart.So as not to ruin anyone’s enjoyment or the story or where God may speak to you, I won’t elaborate further what or where in the book my heart was impacted.
However, in true Dekker fashion, the story drew me in from the start.I could tell it would have the aspect of spiritual warfare in it, but there was more to come. The characters and their battles I would have to say are unusual but no less realistic.I am not sure that everyone can read this book.If they are dealing with any psychological or emotional battles, they will have to decide that for them…

A Contradiction to His Pride

Title:A Contradiction to His Pride
Author: Leanne W. Smith
Pages: 422
Year: 2018
Publisher: Self-published
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
This novel is a sequel to Leaving Independence written by the same author.Reading these novels set on the Oregon Trail in the late 1800s was pure joy and excitement.I was amazed as well as mesmerized by the action, danger and how quickly life could be lost as depicted in the stories.Here, the settlers from the wagon train we met in the first book are now trying to establish their town and lives when a bank robbery turns the characters’ lives in a tither.
During the grieving Corrine experiences after losing a dear friend, she is also wrestling with being a grown up and handling a less than the picture-perfect life she once held dear.A couple of the characters from the town are hunting bank robbers as well as going after James and his group to let them know danger is on their heels.Life is very precarious in these days and the author does an excellent job of sh…