Monday, August 21, 2017

HaYesod: The Foundation

Title:  HaYesod: The Foundation

Publisher:  First Fruits of Zion

Year:  2015


My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

The book is a 10-week in-depth Bible study about the Land, The People, and The Scriptures of Israel.  On the website, you may stream the videos for a minimal fee or purchase the DVDs of all 10 lessons.  What is the study all about?  Well, it helped me understand the land of Israel, the Jewish people and how understanding the Bible within the Jewish framework really expanded my knowledge of Jesus.

But that is not all this study did for me; it also helped me understand why I believe what I believe and areas in my belief system that needed correction.  For a while, I have been searching for more than just listening to sermons based on topics as I found that I remembered little to nothing shortly after church service was over.  Frankly, I was a frustrated Christian woman who loved Israel and longed to go deeper into the truth of the Word of God.

When searching on the internet for a study I could do at home at my own pace and that challenged me, by the grace of God I found First Fruits of Zion ministry.  Their loving approach to teaching people truth without judgment really impacted me.  The study takes time as a video lasts a little over an hour and the study material can take an additional 45 minutes or a little longer, depending on each person.

I highly recommend that people check out this ministry and commit to studying HaYesod.  I’ve been transformed in my heart, challenged and left desiring more food from God’s Word than I have in a long time.  My heart will never be the same as I continue to seek God, understanding and what He would have me do with what He has shown me.  If you are looking for a challenge, or wanting to go deeper into God’s Word and experience a renewed joy of drawing near to God, please consider looking and doing the Bible study HaYesod!


Friday, August 18, 2017

Catching the Wind

Title:  Catching the Wind

Author:  Melanie Dobson

Pages:  399

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Tyndale

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This is a wonderful story about two German children in the 1940s, who despite their age are able to escape the Gestapo and make it to England where they are separated.  Dietmar is a 13-year-old boy and Brigitte Berthold is a 10-year-old girl; they are best friends.  Their parents are unexpectedly taken prisoners by German soldiers as they are suspected of harboring Jewish fugitives and are anti-Nazi.  Dietmar has an aunt who lives in England and when his mother tells him to run that is where he runs toward with Brigitte in tow.  They survive some scary situations with Dietmar acting the protector, telling Brigitte he would search for her and find her if they were somehow separated during their journey.  At journey’s end, they are separated and for over seventy years Dietmar has been searching for Brigitte.  To aid in his final search as he is now 90 years old, he hires investigative reporter Quenby Vaughn.

Quenby Vaughn is a young woman with a gift for researching and writing compelling stories.  She is working on a story that involves a prominent British family possibly housing German spies and supporting Hitler secretly.  She uncovers some clues, but the owner of her newspaper suddenly cancels her story and forces Quenby to take a vacation.  While on vacation, Quenby decides to take up Mr. Knight’s offer to try to find his long-lost friend Brigitte.  Mr. Knight’s attorney, Lucas Hough, is to be part of the search team.  Lucas is a young man from a wealthy family who appears arrogant at first as he and Quenby lock horns.  However, once they begin talking they both let down their walls and become friends with a possibility of something more.

This was one book I had a hard time putting down!  The story drew me in with characters I came to care about and mystery and history that kept me glued to the pages.  I liked the use of flashbacks to the 1940s to get the story of Brigitte and Dietmar, then back to the present with Quenby and Lucas hunting down clues in their search for Brigitte.  What they uncover about Brigitte as well as themselves will change their lives.  The themes of loyalty, honor, faith, friendship and so much more are included.  I also applaud the faith and presence of God highlighted throughout the story.  The way the author ties everything together at the end is fascinating!  I would recommend this book as it will stay in the reader’s mind as one they will not soon forget.