Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Irene Hannon's Latest Novel: Deceived

Title:  Deceived (A Private Justice Novel #3)
Author:  Irene Hannon
Pages:  416
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Revell
Deceived is a tale that focuses on Conner who is a partner in a PI firm in St Louis along with his college buddies Dev and Cal.  The other two novels of the series, Vanished & Trapped, introduced us to the three men who run the Phoenix firm along with their cases and romances.  I couldn’t wait to delve into the book, knowing how well the author pens a gripping suspense-filled story.  Each book is unique and allows readers to follow the main characters through life-changing events.
Conner has sworn off having any type of relationship and is brought face-to-face with a beautiful woman named Kate, who brings with her a very weird tale.  She has been widowed for three years and rebuilt her life, believing she lost her husband and son.  Now, on a last minute shopping trip, she is brought up short when a young boy is looks remarkably just like her son, though she knows that isn’t possible, is it?
Kate and Conner work very hard to keep their time together professional though it is extremely difficult when the electricity between them is so captivating.  The more the firm works to dig up the truth the more the danger element is elevated for anyone attempting to learn the truth about the man named Sanders along with his “adopted” son Todd.
Don’t be too surprised if hours pass by and all sense of time is lost as readers immerse themselves in the pages of this great book!  The action and adventure never seemed to really let up.  The plot has some twists and turns to keep the attention of any audience.  The romance that begins to blossom fairly rapidly is fun to read about, especially because of the attention the case needs, but the hearts of Kate and Conner make that a true chore.
Read the whole series as each story is engrossing and entertaining!
My rating is 5 stars.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Healing Heart

Title:  A Healing Heart (Quilts of Love Series)
Author:  Angela Breidenbach
Pages:  236
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Abingdon
Mara Keegan is a 39-year-old widow of three years with three teenage children.  She is singlehandedly running every aspect of the business she and her husband started.  She is burned out, but made a promise to her husband on his death bed that she would continue the company and make it successful as that was their dream together.  She has a love of art and teaching, but that has fallen by the wayside these last years as she has spent hours upon hours working.  She feels she has missed so much of her children’s lives, but doesn’t know what to do about it.  She also has kept her distance from church and God as she thinks he took her husband away from her.
Joel Ryan is a divorced businessman who hopes the Mara doesn’t remember him from a few years ago.  He had made an attempt to take over her business via a hostile takeover.  His attempt failed, and now he is here to help her as a business coach.  He has sold his business, become a Christian and enjoys helping others in the business world succeed.  He meets Mara for the first time face-to-face along with her children.  He is instantly smitten, but keeps that to himself.  Through a series of events, he begins to spend more and more time with Mara and her family.  He wants them to be his family permanently, but can they see past their grief of losing their father/husband to see who God has placed in their lives now?
There was a little too much information about sewing a quilt for my taste as I’m not a quilter.  One of the stories I read in this series, which I enjoyed very much, didn’t focus so much on the quilt aspect.  I did like how Joel took the lead in spiritual matters for Mara and her family and how he confessed his past mistakes and took responsibility for them.  He didn’t try to hide what he had done, but acknowledge his errors and sought forgiveness.  I thought it was great that he pitched right in to help wherever he saw a need without expectation of thanks or recognition.  I also enjoyed the closeness of the three Keegan siblings.  How I wish all siblings could share such closeness!  I will be reading other books in this series, so keep a look out here!
My rating is 4 stars.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

An Unmarked Grave

Title:  An Unmarked Grave (A Bess Crawford Mystery #4)
Author:  Charles Todd
Pages:  262
Year:  2012
Publisher:  William Morrow
This fourth book in the Bess Crawford mystery series has Bess still serving as a nurse in WWI.  It is now the spring of 1918, and the battle between the Germans and the British rages on with the wounded continually pouring in to the aid stations.  Bess also faces the Spanish Influenza epidemic that begins killing almost as many as the nearby guns.  With so many sick or dying, the pressure to help the wounded or sick mounts to astronomical proportions on to the backs of the surviving doctors and nurses.  An orderly approaches Bess and shows her that he has an extra body unaccounted for.  He shows Bess and she recognizes the dead body even though he is out of uniform and has no identification.  She also sees immediately that the man didn’t die of the flu or a war wound; he had been murdered.  This man as he is now is destined for an unmarked grave without any identification, but before Bess can report what she knows something happens to her that leaves her unable to complete this task.
This sets in motion a terrifying series of events for some familiar characters in the story:  Bess, Simon Brandon, Colonel Crawford and others.  The race to find the killer takes Bess back and forth between England and France all the while dodging bombs and bullets of German soldiers during the war.  Bess refuses to let the killer’s victims’ deaths be recorded as desertion for one and suicide for another when she knows they have been murdered.  She won’t let the surviving family members live with those dark clouds hanging over them.  Bess is stalked by the killer, too and must keep up her guard.  She finally discovers the killer’s identity, but will she be in time to stop him from committing yet another murder?
This story is jam-packed with action, intensity and tension.  The selflessness of Bess is truly commendable.  She doesn’t look at a man as German or British when treating a wound, but as a human being in need of care.  This time the mystery, wounding and killing hit closer to home than Bess could have imagined.  Through it all though Bess keeps a calm head, proceeds with her plan with strength and determination and never gives up.  She is such a strong woman for one so young!  The series is so realistically set within the WWI timeframe.  I have learned much about how soldiers and nurses lived and served their country selflessly.  I look forward to reading more of Bess’ adventures in future books.
My rating is 5 stars.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Captured by Love

Title:  Captured by Love
Author:  Jody Hedlund
Pages:  364
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany House
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This fictional historical story is set in 1814 on what we now call Mackinac Island during the British and Indian War.  Fur trading was at its height with the demand for animal pelts high in Europe, especially England.  Pierre Durant is a young fur trader who has followed in his father’s footsteps against his father’s wishes.  His father wanted Pierre to go to school in Detroit, but Pierre has longed to be in the wilderness and free.  His father was trying to protect Pierre from the lifestyle that accompanies the fur trade of drinking and carousing.  His father wanted him to learn from his mistakes and lead a Godly life.  Pierre leaves home without saying goodbye to anyone, including his young friend Angelique to be gone for five years never sending word of his whereabouts.  He returns to the island, finding many things have changed in his absence, including Angelique.  Can he do what is best for her and what God wants of him?  Can he play both sides of the war against each other and survive?
Angelique MacKenzie has been best friends with Pierre and his brother Jean all her growing up years.  With her father dying years ago, after her mother’s death, her care has been given to a guardian.  Her guardian treats her cruelly and mistreats her.  She longs for the freedom she had when she was younger, but keeps herself submissive so as not to end up acting like her philandering mother and rebellious sister.  She had her heart broken when Pierre left five years ago with no word, even though she was only thirteen.  Now, she is betrothed to Pierre’s brother, Jean, who is away fighting with the Americans against the British, who occupy Mackinac Island.  With Pierre’s return, she is faced with some difficult decisions.  Can she rely on God to be her rock and foundation or will she continue to rely on herself?
This is a nice romance set during a war.  The constant fight to stave off starvation during the long winter, the cruelty of Angelique’s guarding, the spying of Pierre and much more all come together to create an entertaining love story that readers will be sure to like.  I liked Angelique’s selfless, sacrificial love and Miriam’s steady and continuous response of prayer in good times and bad.  I also liked seeing Pierre’s character mature and grow into more of the man God desired him to be.
My rating is 4 stars.

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