Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today has been a very nice and quiet kind of a day.

I appreciate all that God has given me and Blessed me with.  Plus I am listening to a teacher who is speaking about "soul".  Whether it be the "soul" of the human being or animal.  He believes animals have souls, but not eternal life.  When this teacher speaks about "soul", he is equating souls with thoughts and beliefs.

 I love contemplating but I am not a person who gets into "philosophy".   I love God with all my mind,  I am not gifted to think in ways a philosopher does.  However, I do love the way the Holy Spirit can speak to my mind or heart while I am reading.  It can be when I am reading the Bible .  When I read other books the challenge is to always discern what I am reading.  In other words, not take it what I read as truth because it is either stated as such or implied
In America, we need to learn to read whatever with discernment, not just take what any author says or implies as factual or truth.  The Bible should be the standard and is the only standard of Truth!!!!

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