Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Seasons

There  times many times in our lives when change forces decisions.  Sometimes we are aware they are coming, sometimes not.
Today for me was a revelation that change is happening and choices have to be made.
For years I worked outside and loved every moment of it.  Appreciating the creation, the fellowship when doing it others and more.
Today it hit me that my time of "working" outdoors is over, my body cannot take it.  I wish it weren't...I love the feeling of working outside.
Now I must depend on others to do it, that is hard.


homersmom said...

Okay I figured out how to post a comment! God love me, I'm not the brightest bulb in the batch. So I just wanted to say that just bc you can't WORK outside doesn't mean you can't BE outside, so try to enjoy that and not get stressed out when others do what you can't. You have given of yourself for years and now it's time to slow it down, girl! ;-)

Lisa said...

I thank you for the kind and reassuring words, they really mean a lot!
Please be a follower so you can stay in touch w/me~