Glastonbury Tor Book

Title:   Glastonbury Tor
Author:   LeAnne Hardy

Historical fiction of the sixteenth century was never really my first choice to read.  However, when I was given the opportunity to read this work of fiction, I was glad I did.  LeAnne Hardy sets herself apart in this particular work, which is apparent to readers  as one can envision the places described in the England of old times.
LeAnne masterfully weaves a story filled with intrigue, well-described places, people, as well as the government of the period.  I found myself almost looking at the other characters and places through the eyes of the main character, Colin.  While my knowledge of the middle ages is sparse, it was easy for me to understand as I was a practicing Catholic at one time and familiar with certain practices mentioned in the novel.
Regardless of one’s knowledge of the times, places, people or practices, I highly recommend this book.  It captures the attention and curiosity of the reader.  It was refreshing to read a book that was obviously well researched with no foul language or sex mentioned anywhere, just a great book to sit back and enjoy.
The author has been a missionary “in six countries on four continents.”  At the time of the publishing she was in Africa teaching children the nuances of writing.  I am sure that she has impacted children with stories, teaching and love.   You may learn more about LeAnne by reading her blog located at the following web address  and she can also be found on Facebook. So enjoy the book, happy reading!
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