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True North Book

Book:  True North
Authors: Gary & Lisa Heim

This book is one of the best Ihave ever read in this genre.  The book is authored by a husband and wife who are counselors sharing their experiences in this book.  True North is very sound Biblically in its approach, which is very important because it provides a solid foundation of Truth.  It is written from the heart which is so evident the moment you pick up and begin reading .
Gary and Lisa share their lives with us, they write simply yet so profoundly.  Anyone who reads this book will be able to understand what is being taught, as well as challenged to act upon it personally as well as in small group settings.  I found myslef at times confessing as God revealed to me my sins and to allow Him to change me, turing to Him for all my needs.
True North is an excellent resource for small groups as well.  There are questions at the end of each chapter, the authors also have a website with resources, a blog, and more.  I found this book to be so very different from other books that are written to help.  It isn’t written for acdemic thinkers, it is written for everyday human believers.  A path is laid in the book that is so simple because Jesus is simple,  the Gospel is simple.  Yet, it is also tr beue that as Jesus was a stumbling block some may find this book to like tht as well.  When truth about oursleves is revealed, we sometimes  stumble by using own man made ways to deal with it.  The truth is God is th only way to true freedom, and it is liberating.
So, if you can do read this book and share it with others.  The Truth is we have always before us a choice of which way to turn, either to God or what our hands have made, gods, which aren’t really satisfying or liberating because they aren’t meant to be the answer.  God is the only answer, the only way regardless of what the world says or does.
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