Monday, September 26, 2011

From the Garden to the City

Title:  From the Garden to the City
Author:  John Dyer

                I was not sure exactly what I expected when I signed up to read and blog this particular book.  Perhaps one thing I was looking for was what perspective it would place before its’ readers.  I was not raised with a computer keyboard, but a typewriter.  I was not raised in a time when people sent text messages, but instead wrote letters, sent cards, or called.  Having to learn how to use a computer, how to navigate the World Wide Web, learn about various browsers, and so much more has been a long and continual process.  Yes, there have been times I wanted to throw the computer out the window!  That could be a little expensive to say the least.
                Over time I have started to see changes in the local Body of fellowship using new technological tools.  In the stores there seems to be someone talking all the time; it is a large screen with constant commercials.  Then people using their cell phones are not only talking on them, but typing on tiny keyboards.  I watch as people who are shopping walk the aisles and talk loudly enough so the person on the other end of the conversation can hear them, forgetting they have an unwanted audience in the aisle inadvertently hearing them.
                People wherever they are seem to always have something in their face, usually while they are trying to accomplish another task or tasks at the same time.  So how was this book going to address what I was witnessing in my everyday life?  I have to say this book is one everybody should read!  It deals with the deeper more prevalent issue, the life of a Christ-follower in an age of technology .
                                From the Garden to the City is a book well-founded theologically.  The author’s Biblical perspective helps everyone deal with balancing technology and being a Christian.  He explains profoundly how God creates and uses technology, but not as we think of it today.  Read this book and travel from Genesis to the present day for opinions regarding how we should view the use or non-use of the many mediums available to us.  The following list is a few of the websites cited.  Check them out!



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