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Playing Hurt Book

Title:  Playing Hurt
Author:  Brian Goins

                This book is written for husbands so why would a wife want to read a book like this?  First of all, I believe women can learn a lot from what a man reads.  I will use the information presented to pray more effectively for my husband.  It is a good tool for discussions of the heart, which is what most women want to know about their man.  In a culture that is fast-paced, sex-saturated, not to mention a possible host of other stresses and challenges, having time to talk deeper is becoming even more important.
                It is a book of hope.  The author reveals himself and his struggles as part of human nature.  He speaks compassionately yet pointedly.  I found the book will not only challenge the husband, but any wife who makes time to read it as well.  It is interesting that this book is published at the same time as a  movie entitled COURAGEOUS is released and a CD by Casting Crowns entitled COME TO THE WELL, which both tie in well with the content of this book.
                The song on the CD is called COURAGEOUS, and it is a call for men to stand up by kneeling with lifted hands.  While many would agree that men have to change, women do to.  In order for our husbands to take their place we have to be willing to let God tell us as wives how to get out of His way so He can work, how to not enable bad cycles, how to encourage them and not destroy them.  So it is apparent if we listen to the Lord that both men and women need to be courageous in that they obey God’s Word and leading.  We all have to be willing to be transformed more into the image of Christ.  We must stop reflecting back to the world what it looks like, as we are to reflect the image of Christ, an image which is vastly different than the world.
                It takes courage to stand up and whether others go or not, we follow the Lord.  The beauty is that we are never alone for He has given to us a precious gift, the Holy Spirit.  He is always present with us in our day-to-day activities.  He hears all, sees all and knows all.  May we all humble ourselves and let the Lord give us courage to be more like Christ and less like the world.  Shut out and off all the electric stuff and reconnect with each other.  It starts at home, and from there it ripples out.  Remember it is not to just impact today, but future generations as well.  So go ahead, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  As you are transformed, so your home will then be also and the world will see that Christ is Who He says He is.
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