Monday, October 3, 2011

World Tilting Gospel

Title:  The World-Tilting Gospel
Author:  Dan Phillips

                When I first saw the title of the book, I was drawn to it.  I have seen many changes within the Body of Christ universally speaking that I didn’t have a peace about, but why?  In this book, Dan very adequately puts in words what I was experiencing.   The Gospel is in itself , world tilting, myth busting, powerful Truth.  Not because it is true, it is a Personified truth in the Person of Jesus Christ.
                The author very well points out what is Gospel and what is not.  It is a call for the Church to repent and awaken to speaking the Truth unashamed.  It is a call not to fear man or fearing another person’s feelings, but calling them to see what is reality.  The reality as God sees it and calls it.  Though the reality would hurt and profoundly cause us to gasp, it would then wonderfully show us the Person Jesus Christ.  While the world wants Christians to “blend in”, “shut up and sit down”, we need to stand up and make the Truth known no matter the cost.
                Some think this means we are called to go overseas as missionaries, maybe some are.  More profoundly though we are all called to be missionaries, ambassadors.  We represent not a denomination, particular view of doctrines, programs but a Person.  We must look at the Word and let Him show us where we fall short of living out a life that draws attention instead of repelling it.  We need others to know there is someone, named Jesus Christ, who loves them.  They cannot come to Him on their terms or in their own ways but in the only way a Holy God provides.  No matter what the “world” or the “god of this world” says, there is one way and again it is Jesus.  There is no other way, no way to work out through “good deeds” our way into heaven.  We must bend our knee, humble ourselves not exalt ourselves.  We must admit with all that is within us what a mess we are, how sin has utterly destroyed and separated us from a Holy God.  It doesn’t matter to me whether people agree or not.  Why doesn’t it matter that people agree?  Truth is Truth whether people want to see Him, acknowledge Him as well as embrace Him.  Turn away they can, ignore Him, curse at Him, deny Him none of this is new to Him, He has known this all before.  He has experienced it as a man before.  He sympathizes with our weaknesses, but He cannot turn away from it.  He shed His precious blood so we can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.  Man has choice, free will.  There are no other choices before humanity.
                Whose Truth will you embrace?  Is it what somebody tells you what truth is or are you going to read the Word of God for yourself, check it out, study it, believe it?  He turned my world upside down several times since He and I first met in 1980.  I know He will never stop, for I must become less in order for Him to become more in me.  I am His, He is mine.  What about you?

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DJP said...

Thanks for taking the time to read, and for your kind words. Glory to the only One who is "the way, the truth, and the life" (Jn. 14:6).