The Bright Empire Series

Titles:  The Skin Map
             The Bone House
Author: Stephen R Lawhead
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Year: 2010 & 2011

                How does one define such novels that have many diverse genres?  Are the novels based on science, history, Bible, archeology?  There are authors who write in the fiction genre that seem to have to basis in either reality or facts, just the imagination is involved it seems.  Then there are others who write novels that include a host of facts and various fields of known study.  So what about this series known as The Bright Empires?
                I bought both books simultaneously and now can’t wait till book three comes out in September of 2012.  Generously weaved in these novels are aspects of distant lands, science, archeology, past ages, scientists, and characters who out to do both good and evil.  Within these novels are many threads that the author uses to weave together a captivating story.
                At the end of Bone House the author shares which character was based on an actual person with a specific field of study.  Stephen Lawhead shares what is on his reading table and why he wrote these novels.  If I told you what he wrote would you read it?  I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you so I won’t reveal what Stephen did write.
                The moment I picked up Skin Map, I couldn’t put it down.  I kept trying to figure out where I was being led in the story.  There are several climaxes in the books, many themes, captivating ancient places and people, and  lives interweaved in different ways.  In the midst of it all, there is the aspect of time travel.  The main characters travel through time seeking understanding of that period, learning to blend in all of whom are in search of the key which would break the code of the map.  What map?  All I can tell you is this is no ordinary map.  These novels are not just the run-of-the-mill at all!  They excel in captivating the reader and tell an excellent story. 
                I can’t recommend this series high enough.  Buy them, get your favorite beverage and settle in for the ride of your life.  The journey is awaiting; it is inviting; are you coming along?  I hope so because it is awesome!

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