Conspiracy on the Hudson

Title:  Conspiracy on the Hudson
Author: Donald B. Keelan
Rating:  5 Stars
Pages: 254
Published: 210
Publisher:  Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
                  701 Smithfield Street
                  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Note:  I received a complimentary copy of Conspiracy on the Hudson as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team.  Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book review Team.

                Conspiracy on the Hudson is an excellent political thriller!  When I first looked at this book, I must admit I wasn’t sure what I was going to get.  This was the first time I ever read a novel written by this author, and I look forward to reading other novels written by Mr. Keelan such as The Secret of Camp David.
                Some look at history through a telescope, a broad sweeping look as if looking at a landscape from afar.  Others see history from a microscopic view; they see the intimate details involved.  I enjoy novels written from a historical perspective as there is so much that is yet to be known.  We tend to look at our times and events without pausing to wonder if this ever happened before.
                There are a couple different plots that coincide.  We have a time during the presidency of FDR and Prime Minister Winston Churchill as well as a plot to that includes assassination of world leaders, Nazis, love, and characters who find them making difficult decisions in an uncertain future.  The author has included characters who are in the secret service as well as in the military.
                The author really piques the interest of the readers by disclosing the release of documents recently released by nations that before weren’t allowed to be known by citizens.  The novel takes off by taking the reader back in time to when a secret service agent was questioning an engineer of the New York Water Department.  We then sit in a conversation one United States President is having with a professor to research an event supposed to have happened 70 years in the past.  While the characters names are fictional, as are the conversations and more, the events have a basis in history.
                I rarely read books as quickly as I read this one.  There was never a dry moment, it is full of action and leaves the reader wanting to know where the story is going.  How does this end?  Was there a conspiracy and if there was one, what was it?  I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  The only thing I found that I wasn’t fond of was the occasional swearing but even that was done sparingly.
               I plan on reading other novel The Secret of Camp David by the same author as soon as i can. Till then keep reading and see what I read and post on next time!  Please feel free to leave your comments or questions.


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