Monday, August 22, 2011

Route 66 New Book!

Title:  Route 66
Author: Krish Kandiah

When I took a look at the title of this book, I was immediately stopped in my tracks.  I thought to myself “I wonder what this book is about?”  Having now read it through, I can tell you it gives us a taste of the Word of God.  Of course, the author couldn’t cover each and every chapter of the whole Bible so it is more an overview that is meant to give us a glimpse of the Bible and leave us hungry for more.
This author wrote the book in a format that can be used individually, in small group settings or even for whole congregations.  His website lists resources for leaders, pastors, and for individuals to use as well.  There are PowerPoint slides, leader guide samples, and much more.  The website has resources to download as Spring Harvest has been using Route 66 as the 2011 Event Resources.  So don’t wait to download the material you would like before the year ends!
After each chapter, there is a “Travel Journal” in which the author asks specific questions on one chapter of the Bible.  Should a small group of seekers read this book together, the section entitled “Small Group Study” is very helpful and allows the seekers to deepen their journey.  I love how the author incorporates his life experiences with what we as a Body of Believers can learn about God, us, and each other.  I hope and pray you download the resources even if you don’t plan on using them right away.  It is nice to be prepared so when the Lord directs you to use this book, you have what you need to lead, follow, and learn on the journey.  Enjoy the Route!


Monday, August 15, 2011

The authors response and more!!!

Thank you, Lisa. You so encouraged me by contacting me as soon as you were done with the book. The Rankins did all the really hard work, but sometimes it's difficult to write without feedback. I appreciate you!

If you or your readers want to read the first two chapters of either book absolutely free, they can go here:

If they have questions, we could even have a discussion right here! Let's hear it!

A New Book to Read!

Title:  Across the Wide River
By:  Stephanie Reed

I just finished reading a wonderful novel set prior to the beginning of the Civil War.  This novel though is very unique because it is a story about real people who dared to live by faith in Jesus Christ in a way that could have cost them their very lives.  The author did excellent research on a family by the name of Rankin, who served their Lord by saving at least 2000 lives.  They risked their lives not for just anyone, but those who escaped slavery to be free.  Wonder how?
Well, this family became part of the Underground Railroad.  The story is centered on a man known as Lowery.  It is a story of him living each day obedient to his parents, growing up and deciding to join the church, while continuing to search for his call in life.  Lowry views his “failures” in a way most of us even today would measure ours.  While there are some scenes not actually rooted in fact, most of who this man and his family were is very much rooted in history.
The author provides a way to connect with her and welcomes all questions, comments and feedback.  I wrote to her asking a question, not really expecting an immediate response.  I thought I might hear back from her sometime as she would be busy.  It was but a short time later the information she had was sent to me with an invitation to contact her should I desire more.
The historical witness left by this family both encourages and exhorts us to live lives totally surrendered to Him.  You will be able to connect with this author via Face Book, email her at or look her page on the World Wide Web:
When you are done with this book, know there is a sequel to this story entitled: THE LIGHT ACROSS THE RIVER.   I plan on reading it and hope you all will do the same!