The Black Knife

Title: Black Knife Author: Henry Gravelle Year: 2011 Publisher: Trestle Press Pages: 44
How do you like the western genre? Is there a favorite author or certain publisher you favor? I have loved the western genre as long as I can remember. My Nana, my father’s mother, collected western stories written by Luke Short, Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour. However, her collection of westerns spoke loudly of her favorite; it was Louis L’Amour. Today, I have her collection of westerns and other stories he wrote. Did you ever watch westerns on TV? Was there a particular series you liked? I loved Bonanza and Gunsmoke. There were lots of actors I liked in the westerns too. My favorite was, and still is, John Wayne. However, I always keep my eyes open for new westerns in either book or movie form. I believe a story is solid if it doesn’t utilize the latest language, sexual content or crudeness. I know TV westerns of long ago weren’t portraying the real “west”, but that didn’t matter; it was the story and morals it was espousing that mattered. The other time period I like to study is the Civil War. When I joined a blog network, one of many, I started looking for new reads in this genre. That is where I found a short story written by Henry P. Gravelle called, Black Knife, published by Trestle Press in 2011. This is a great short story, having used both the western genre and taking place after the Civil War. The characters include a surgeon who rode with Lee, Billy, Bell and Indians to name a few. The plot includes murder, differing viewpoints on who were considered “people’ and revenge. Dr. Jacobi had to do some serious doctoring to save a man’s life. Then, he was “convinced” he should help track down the men who attempted to kill their friend while he was riding into town. Of course, there is so much more packed into this short story, which is a very enjoyable read. It would be preferable to this reader if the few cuss words that were sprinkled in the story were left out as they added nothing to the story. Black Knife is an easy western to get lost in without needing to put a lot of time into reading, especially if one doesn’t have the time, but just needs a break from life. I recommend this short story. I rate it at 3 ½ stars out of 5, only because of the unnecessary language within. Author website:
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