My Bible Time Helpful Hints

The following are some, what I hope are helpful for you, ideas that I do when either doing a Bible study, devotion or journaling.

First, when doing a study guide I don't write inside in the guide.  I use a regular notebook, or Word document to keep my answers as well as my thoughts.  The reason for doing this is so that when God leads me to do the study again I can reuse the guide and see how He has cause me to grow.
Second, place the date on the page before you even begin.  
Third, if you have ever had trouble memorizing like I have, one idea is to write out the Scripture you are studying.  In doing this, I notice the words, structure, and repeated ideas in a passage. I can then use different colored pens or pencils to mark what He has shown me. Over time, you will be amazed at the amount of Scripture you begin to remember.  
Fourth, when using a notebook or Word document, it gives you the freedom to write whatever the Lord speaks to you or you speak to Him without worrying about the amount of space left on a page.  You might love seeing how spontaneous you will write out a prayer, poem, or letter whether it is to the Lord or someone else but you just want to keep it private.
Finally, like many people who have come and gone before us, it leaves a written testimony of what the Lord spoke and worked in you.  Right now you may not want anyone to know the inner thoughts, feelings, and such in your heart.  When you leave this earth, you will be with the Lord, your written testimony will keep the next generation seeking Him.