Staying in the Know

I bet you think it should say "now" but I really meant "know". Why? I have found that what we are thinking about has a great effect on our actions, attitudes and more. Have you ever had a nightmare that you may not remember much of, but the feelings seem hard to shake off? It is that kind of thing, it is like having a sliver you keep going back too because it hurts.
So what is in our minds that we think about is what tends to interrupt or maybe intrude on the day?. Here is the million dollar question, what or where or who is on your mind that you find yourself thinking about a lot?
Sometimes we may forget that we have choice even if we think we don't. We can choose to let the thought dominate or put it where it belongs. How would you do that? Well for me I read, write or watch a movie. I read the Bible, novels, or watch movies I know the ending too. Sometimes I might share with my friend what I am struggling with,other times I journal because it seems to personal to share.
What do you do when your mind is thinking thoughts that encourage or bother you? How do you get "in the know?"
Please share and let's encourage each other to think thoughts that are encouraging or helpful especially during the hardest of times.
Have a great day and enjoy!
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