Too High a Price

Title:  Too High a Price
Author:  Joseph A. Katarincic
Year:  2011
Pages:  435
Note:  I received a complimentary copy of Too High a Price as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Review Team.  Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

                Too High a Price is an extraordinary novel that is filled with many twists, turns and characters that have to make choices.  This novel was riveting from start to finish.  I have read many John Grisham books and fell in love with the genre of his novels. Many might be tempted to compare him with this latest author, but to tell you the truth each is unique in their writing.  Courtrooms are the place where many have gone for various reasons whether to be a witness, a lawyer, a judge, a recorder, a bailiff, etc...  Regardless of the reason or role, lives are usually impacted in some way.
            Mr. Katarincic places his courtroom cases in the arena of personal injury.  While this may not seem to be exciting law, it surprised me how it can involve such players as the FBI, priests, bishops and even murder.  The story takes place in Pittsburgh, includes a railroad company and allegations of jury tampering. As a person reads they can identify the difference not just between the character of the lawyers, but also their spouses.  We see the moral character of the judges, jurors and even the Catholic Church.
            There is no doubt that the author shows a very thorough knowledge of law in practice and experience with the moral dilemma all players in a courtroom find themselves in.  The chapters are various lengths that help a reader to follow the many intertwining paths of the characters.  In the story, we see the decision by one lawyer to pay a high price to see justice is done, while another one sells his soul for momentary pleasures.  Very cleverly, some of what one presumes will be mainstays in the story seem to no longer be mentioned only to be revisited later on in great detail to reveal all that was going on behind the scenes, but never disclosed.
            In an all too true way some of the community leaders are exposed as self-righteous people believing themselves to be above the law.  Lest we think they are the only ones, we also see how priests can rationalize using the same mentality while excusing their choices to tamper in the jury process.  We are also introduced to many different people in the novel who also have to make moral choices.  This is not a novel against anyone or any religious establishment; it is simply a story told well. The reader will be able to identify the themes, players, places and power used in several twists and turns of the story being told.
            I found it easy to curl up in a chair and get lost in the book.  Many times I wanted to keep reading even my eyes were too tired to read another word.  This author has written a masterpiece of suspense.  He has done his homework and can help the reader follow the many interesting turns the novel takes as it moves so swiftly.
            On the back cover of the novel we are told that the author is working on another novel with this same main character.  At the end of this novel, the man with his family has moved to a new area where he takes up practice and lives with the love of his life along with their three sons.  Who knows what Mr. Katarincic is coming with next, but I believe it will be as well written and suspenseful as this one.  So grab a copy of the book, your favorite beverage, put your feet up and enjoy the ride!  You will never regret having spent time reading Too High a Price.