Working at it with consistency

In learning how to blog and write reviews, one thing I have seen is the difference between those who regularly write with those who don't. There are many reasons why many stop writing, as sure as there are many reasons for someone to start.
Like the weather seasons, life changes for all of us. There are times where people take a break from what they are doing. Some look for more to do with their time, life, or season of life they are in.
One reason I started blogging is due to the fact of having my mother in law living with us since June of 2011. This lady is 88 years old and though in many ways strong, Alzheimer's is the biggest threat. Why a threat? When the brain is functioning well, the body does too. If the brain suffers from a trauma, or neurological disorder so does the body. Since none of us lives in a bubble, all who are around her are affected. For me, it meant I needed to be here whether help was coming or not. She can't be left alone for safety reasons which is why she is living with us instead of her own place.
Next year I will done home schooling my last child who is now a young man. I didn't want to wait till he began college to look for something to do. I also didn't want to do something just for the sake of filling time. I wanted it to matter.
So I started with nothing including knowledge. By the grace of God I have been learning almost by accident. I believe God has shown me where to go and what to do, I have learned too what not to do. There is only 24 hours in a day and I like to sleep too. Learning what my boundaries as well as capabilities are, is an important factor to take into consideration.
In the world wide web there consists many services, opportunities and array of people who use them. Learning to navigate the web can be tricky and there are some places not to visit. It helps to read blogs and websites of those who have experience. Then like buying clothes, try it on and see if it fits. If not, that is okay there are many choices.
I love to read, and when I see others not taking advantage of that ability to do so it grieves my heart. There are many authors, books, websites I never never knew existed. It is fun to travel through the web, checking out the many places that someone took the time to create for peoples enjoyment.
I agree it can be overwhelming and there are those are there who like sharks are looking for someone to "devour". Exercise caution. Join sites like GoodReads,LibraryThing and Shelfari to name a few. Most people are more than willing to help, become a friend or follower, and give helpful tips.
The main thing is to do a little each day, and soon you will find you have whatever you dreamed of making or building. Have fun and go for it!