Awakening...coming soon!

Hello one and all! Soon there will be a new film coming out, called Awakening.  Having just watched the preview I gotta tell you this is one to watch!  In the film there was testimonies of Jewish people coming to understand that the Messiah has come!  Of course, there were also those who wouldn't listen, some gave interesting answers to "Who is He?". 
The ministry is called Jews for Jesus and they interact with New Yorkers during their summer campaign which begins the 4th of July.  Those who are involved in the ministry go out with a heart committed to Jesus as well as for God's Chosen People, the Jews.  In this film you will here how this started, what they are planning on doing, how they reach out, and so much more!
Being a Gentile myself but loving the Jewish People, I thought this film conveyed the excitement to evangelize and make Jesus known.  You hear the name of the man who started this evangelism ministry and how it is working today.  The call is for the Jewish People to Awaken to Y'shua as the Messiah.  The love the volunteers have to spend so much time, energy and more to walk the streets, talking to whoever will engage in discussions is contagious!
When this film is released please take time to watch (it won't take you long), pray and however God leads you, become engaged .  Jews for Jesus is on facebook and twitter which makes it easy to "stay in the know".
You will never regret loving, knowing and enabling the Jewish people to reach out to other Jews with the message of Jesus!  God Bless His People and all who know Him as their Savior!

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