India Was One Review

Title: India Was One

By: An Indian

Pages: 244

Published by author:

Year: 2011

I contacted this author on Book Blogs to learn more about his book. I then did a short interview with him to help me understand the author, India, and more. The following is what I learned and now share with you.

Is this based on a real or factual event?

It is a fiction; however, it is based a lot on my experiences.

The words that are itialized in the book, is that to help explain things to English readers and others not familiar with India's customs and such?


Where did you get the idea for this book and will there be another one?

The idea of this book/story had been playing in my head for several years. I finally decided to pen it in January 2010. It took me less than a week to pour down my initial thoughts and over a year to expand them.

Is there anything you want readers to know about you, your writing, India, etc?

I guess I want people (who don’t know much about India) to see it from my point-of-view, to see what it’s like to live there, it’s culture, heritage, etc…, it’s day-to-day life told in a simple story.

Are you currently writing another book or have plans too?

No, I am not currently writing anything nor do I have plans for any. I just have a few ideas floating around in my head.;;

India was One is a very instructive read. Within the pages of this novel, the reader is assisted in understanding the culture, customs, religion and more of India. The story scenes are placed both in India and the United States. The audience is also told about the various foods that are served and the festivals of India.

The novel is a love story and more. There are five people who meet at a college area that several students from various universities visit in between classes and for other reasons too. The author focuses on the choices that these five individuals make and how their choices as well as lives intersect at more than one point in time.

The descriptions of sights, smells, foods and clothing help the reader picture in their mind as if they are really a part of the story. Some of the words are not easy to pronounce such as different areas, languages, names of food and the like. However, don’t let any of this cause you to miss reading an excellent story.

At the end of the novel, the writer shares his experiences by telling what is fictional, giving a short biography, facts and a poem. People who choose to read this novel will be the richer for it, as it gives understanding of a nation and her people. I rate this book a 5-star, and hope you will read it very soon for enjoyment as well as education.

I thank the author for giving me a complimentary copy so I could read and review this excellent book!

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