My Son and more

My son is doing well the day after he had a very involved inner ear surgery on the left side.
We found out he has to have reconstructive surgery with in 6-9 months this year on the same ear.
While it was devastating to hear of what will amount to his 7th surgery for his ear, we are comforted by knowing God is allowing this to happen for His glory.  I am not sure I will understand it this side of heaven though.  It is hard for a mother to watch her son going to face the pain and all that is involved in surgery.
I am grateful I have the Lord, which I could never, ever, walk through this season of trials, hardships and heartbreaks without.  I am thankful for my husband and my other son who comforted me and love me. I am thankful that even when my son was facing the unknown, he made others laugh and feel comfortable, instead of being worried or afraid.
I am thankful that I have a faithful friend, who listens/prays/cries and whatever with me.  She loves the Lord, His Word and wants to go deeper with the Lord.
There are no shortcuts in growing in the Lord, though sure wish there were at times.  Yet, very thankful there aren't.  What would I miss if I took the short route?  What if I didn't have the Lord during this time?  Only God knows the answers to those questions far better than I.
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