A Robin Hatcher 5 Star Book

Title:  A Heart of Gold

Author:  Robin Lee Hatcher

Year:  February 14, 2012

Pages:  304

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson

                What would a Southern Belle have to do with a gold mine in Idaho?  Where does her faith lead her and in what ways is she tested?  Robin Lee Hatcher’s book is a must for those who like a well written, riveting story.  Based overall on what God has taught Robin, she weaves her recent life lessons within the pages of this novel.  A widower takes his daughter from the south during the Civil War because he finds God is calling him to go elsewhere.  Does this red-headed woman take this change without a problem?  No way!  Her nursing skills are put to the test as she cares for someone who is bound to love her and believes they will be friends, though their experiences in life are vastly different.

                Shannon Adair has left all to go with her father to a new land, a very rugged land.  When she arrives she is appalled at….well, I don’t want to tell you too much.  On top of this, there is a southern gentleman who wants her to love him more than anyone else, including the man working for the Wells Fargo Agency.  So who does Shannon choose?  Why?  The War Between the States is not over yet.  Most have chosen who to be loyal to, but there are some who haven’t in Idaho.  In fact, most are looking for gold, but where does it end up when it is shipped?

                It took me a short time to read this novel; I was hooked the moment I started.  I believe you will be too.  At the end of the novel the author shares her personal tragedy and triumph she experienced before she began writing the story.  Like all of us the author shares openly how she had a plan, but life didn’t go as she thought it would and as a result she learned something.  Robin Hatcher will even tell you she is sure that her own journey, though vastly different from her characters, caused her to choose.  So as you complete the novel, you get to read about the woman behind the pages as the story unfolds.  I was moved by her testimony and know that you will be too.  Get a copy of A Heart of Gold by Robin Lee Hatcher, and then see if you don’t agree with me that it was worth it!


Note: A complimentary copy was made available by Booksneeze.com

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