Straight to the Heart Series Review

Title:  Straight to the Heart Series; 60 Bite-Sized Insights

New Testament:  “Matthew”

Author:  Phil Moore

Publisher:  Monarch Books

Pages:  270

                Could you use a devotional on the Book of Matthew that brings encouraging insights?  When was the last time you read Matthew in the New Testament?  Well, let me encourage you with this 60 Bite-Sized Insights book.  Unlike other books, the insights include how the Lord taught the author the truths presented in scripture.  The reader should understand this author didn’t attempt in any way to cover each passage or all that can be unearthed in each chapter of Matthew.

                Phil Moore shares his journey as he studied and applied what he learned in the New Testament from the book of Matthew.  In his book, he breaks Matthew down into Prologue, Acts 1 through 5 and ending with an Epilogue.  Each devotional insight is centered on Matthew’s theme of Kingdom, which Matthew wrote for his Jewish audience in the first century.  While it may seem to be a long time ago, and it is, there are commands which we must be reminded of if we are citizens of the Kingdom of God. 

                Included in this book are some ways that Phil was taught to think differently than in the past as he studied and unearthed scripture lessons.  Along with all this, we learn how Jesus loved people and reached out to them as He does today.  Phil Moore, while being an author, is also a pastor of a church in London, an evangelist and a Bible teacher.

                The Gospel of Matthew has much to teach us not only about the Kingdom, but also about the people of Jesus day, which should encourage us today.  For example on page 52 we read: “The twelve disciples show us that no one is too talentless to follow Jesus, because the Great Teacher is able to find potential in any of his pupils.”  How encouraging is that?  I think it encourages a whole lot, and should also propel us to be available to do whatever Jesus calls us to do.  So grab the devotional and your Bible, sit down and sit at the feet of the Master who loves us all so much He died for us.  Then, He arose so we can be reconciled to God.  Now how awesome is that?

Note: I received a complimentary copy from Kregel.

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