What I learned from 1 Peter Lesson 5

Title: 1 Peter: Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times

Author:          Sue Edwards

Year:             2011

Pages:           102

Publisher:       Kregel Publishers

 Lesson 5 (pages 42-49):  Strengthen the Sacred Mix

 In the previous lesson, we discussed the meaning of the word submission.  What do you think submission looks like in a marriage context?

                Submission of both husband and wife must first be to the Lord Jesus Christ before anyone else.  I have found that first submitting to the Lord helps me then to submit to the leadership of my husband.  Scripture, at least in 1 Peter, tells us what submission looks like in the context of marriage.  Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the Church; wives are to submit to their husbands.  This is in no way to be understood as submitting to abuse by the writer of this blog.

                I know that submitting is not understood by those in Christ as well as society in general.  Personally, I have learned that if a wife takes her place by being a prayer warrior for her husband as well as herself, it has helped me through many hard times of submitting when I did not necessarily agree with my husband.  We tend to think in our society that we have to agree to submit, and I wonder if we don’t treat our relationship with the Lord like that as well.  In a democratic society we have inadvertently treated our relationship with the Lord the same way.  If we like what we are being told, we submit.  If we don’t like what we are being told, we don’t submit.  Yet, Jesus is King and there is no democratic rule.  He is the Sole and Sovereign Ruler.  We must bend the heart and knee to His rule.  In doing so, I have experienced, He works in helping me submit to my husband as well as I have watched Him change our hearts so there is no strife or division in the home.

What are the two qualities that Peter instructs women to emulate?

                The two qualities are purity and reverence.  I went back to the original language to get the full impact as to why God had Peter use these two words.  One thing I want to put into practice more is realizing that God is God and quit minimizing Who He is.  Fear of Him will help keep me from disobeying the Lord as well as becoming more like Christ.

How does God measure beauty?

                God’s view of beauty today is the same as it was in the time of the Old Testament; it is the inner heart He looks at.  Our society has done a great injustice to women to make them believe that outward beauty is more important than the inner character and heart.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  My husband was the first person who really loved me as I was then and am now.  He doesn’t place value on what a person looks like, but who they are.  I am so blessed to have a husband who loves the “me” inside and not loving me according to outward appearance.

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