Charles Colson: THe Sky is not Falling

Title: The Sky is Not Falling

Author: Charles Colson

Pages: 233

Publisher: Worthy Publishing

Year: 2011

Note: I received a complimentary copy for review. Read other reviews at

Have you ever picked up a book and known that somehow this book is different from others? Sure it could be different because of genre, language, classification and more. When is the last time though that you read a book to “think”? Most read to relax and enjoy a moment not thinking or being burdened by the chores of the day. I read for enjoyment just like other people do, but I also read to think or learn. Most people are so tired from everyday work, home and family responsibilities that “thinking” seems to fall off the proverbial “to do” list. For others reading a book that makes them “think” is like going back to school, which isn’t always a pleasant memory for many.

Our society in general has had the love of learning, thinking or reading drained from it by “entertainment” venues. While an occasional movie or TV show might be something helpful, I propose it shouldn’t replace “love God with our entire mind”. Entertainment wants us to just sit back and let whatever comes into our minds, which can be devastating, happen. So why not read a book that has something to offer to our minds as well as to our hearts?

The Sky is not Falling is one such book. Charles Colson took articles he wrote originally for Christianity Today and overhauled them. He updated the content, showing the truth he has shared over the past decades to still be truth today. It is not a book filled with Scripture references if that is what you think it contains. It is a call to look at the opportunities for people to bring change at the most fundamental level, our communities.

Charles Colson relays example upon example of what works and what doesn’t work. He presents clearly and concisely encouragement to work to bring about change instead of caving in to fear. Colson delivers exhortations from past attempts at change so that the mistakes aren’t repeated. Within the pages of the book, you will read where various people from other cultures have seen America’s problems as well as clearly the reason for those problems long before America has seen them. There are others from within our nation who challenge us to take a different approach to the difficult issues of today, to see beyond the moment, which then gives us all renewed hope for a better tomorrow.

After you get the book, take time to read carefully and with discernment. Pass the book along to others to read perhaps even discussing ways to make the proposals a reality in your neighborhood, work and other spheres of influence.

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