Christian Contours Book Reviewed!

Title: Christian Contours

Author: Douglas S. Huffman, Editor

Pages: 240

Year: 2012

Publisher: Kregel Academic & Professional

Note: A complimentary book was received from Kregel for this review. Other reviews can be read at

Christian Contours is a good resource and easy to read, thought provoking as well as resourceful. The book is a compilation of short essays that help Christians to understand loving God with their mind as well as their heart and how to do so. The editor begins his Preface of the book stating the aims or goals of such an undertaking. Next, Douglas Huffman introduces us to the authors whose writings we will be reading in the following pages. The overarching challenge the book places before the reader is loving God with our entire mind, not just the heart or emotions.

There are two main parts of the book that deal with Biblical Worldview--what it is, how many viewpoints there are, and the worldview relationship to truth. In the second half of the book, readers are then exhorted to worldview thinking and responsibility. Each of the articles or essays places its aim on the table right up front for all to see. Then, as the reader progresses, there is a presentation of material to consider seriously. Finally, at the end of each chapter there are questions for either discussion or personal reflection, whatever the reader decides to do.

In the back of the book is an Appendix that presents a Comparison of Worldviews, followed by Christian Professional Organizations, then the book closes with an extensive Bibliography for any who choose to pursue further study or understanding. One of the benefits of reading this book is it is written for any interested person to read, so don’t dismiss the book as just something “beyond” one’s understanding. Second, it is not written as an exhaustive book on the subject of Biblical Worldview, which is stated by the authors more than once.

I read the book in less than one day, which was good for me. I had to think about what I was reading not merely spend time without using my mind. There were parts, I confess, that weren’t easily understood by me, but I am glad I read it. Within the authors comments and quotations there were occasional parts that I didn’t agree with. As a Bible study teacher, I always see this as a good quality. Any book other than the Bible will not always be 100% true, only the Scriptures are. All who participated in this book agree that above all else Scripture is the sole foundation and source of truth alone, nothing more, nothing less. Personally, out of 5 stars I rate it as 4 stars, and a challenge for small group leaders to utilize this tool to help train, nurture, and strengthen the people they lead.

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