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The Coming Revolution Review

Title: The Coming Revolution: Signs from America’s Past that Signal Our Nation’s Future

Author: Dr. Richard G. Lee

Pages: 256

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Year: 2012

Note: I was provided a copy for review by Other reviews can be read at

How much history of our nation do you know? Can you remember facts, places, people or events? Are you a student of history? Now when I say student, I don’t mean as in academia. I refer to being one who is constantly learning about history. There are a variety of paths and periods that anyone can choose to learn about. For example, you may study a particular nation and within that nation a particular religion, country, race or belief system--the sky is the limit. It never ceases to amaze me how many history books are written, what is purposed in them or even what comes out from the author’s perspective on what he/she studied. Just as there are many ways to look and learn from history, there are just that many more conclusions drawn.

This is such an exciting time to live in our nation and to be a part of this moment. Why? Some may even be questioning my sanity as they may not agree it is exciting, but frightening. I would agree there is some trepidation that exists. I was not interested in history when I was in school from kindergarten through graduation with a Bachelors degree. I can’t say it was always because of the way some teachers presented it like it was a desert--dry, hot and not exactly a place where one would want to stop and look around. Part of the problem was me; I simply didn’t care. Once we said our pledge of allegiance in school and the day began that was where my interest stopped. So I missed a lot of opportunity to learn or even let interest cultivate.

Now many decades later (don’t ask how many!), I see where it is imperative to review our history and to be an active participant in upholding our Constitution against any and all who seek to undermine it in any way. Dr. Lee’s book begins with the purpose for which he wrote the book and from what perspective. Many people today, both of Judeo-Christian backgrounds and those who aren’t, may learn anew our nation’s history. In a story-type setting, Dr. Lee presents in a clear and concise manner what our forefathers thoughts were when it was a war against all tyranny, against Britain and all others who sought to advance laws upon the people of this land without them having any representation or say in the matters that affected their everyday lives. Today’s revolution may not be bloody as the author agrees, however, the feeling that America needs to stop what is encroaching does. Why? Well, read the foundation the author lays in this excellent book.

Dr. Lee lays out the hope that change can happen without the need for blood to be lost if we take care now to arise, stand firm and be agents of change. Within the pages of history, as well as in our recent past, events have caused divisions within the nation to stop America proclaiming her unity and pride with a force felt around the world. If for some reason American’s let the lie that what they do or don’t do makes no difference, it can change the outlook in ways we have yet to imagine. The Coming Revolution shows the history of the impact that ministers make in their members’ lives as well as in the foundation of America. Dr. Lee wrote a book everyone can learn from, gain a perspective of hope from, and then begin to impact this nation for good for generations to come. Will you please take time to read this book, pray through the ideas and be involved for the good of America’s future? I know I will. In the words of Joshua (24:15b), “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” as well as our great nation!

From my family to those past and present, thank you for your sacrifice for our nation. We may not know your names, looks or anything about you; however, God knows and we pray that He will bless you all with courage, humility, and wisdom.

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