Concluding 1 Peter Lesson 9

Title: 1 Peter: Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times

Author: Sue Edwards

Year: 2011

Pages: 102

Publisher: Kregel Publishers

Lesson 9: Strengthen your Kin (1 Peter 5)

1 Peter 5 speaks to two generations: the elders and younger people. How important do you feel it is for the older generation to encourage the younger generation on their faith journey?

There is no question as to the necessity of those who have walked with the Lord and studied Scriptures to share their wisdom with others. What perhaps keeps this from happening is that the older generation doesn’t feel valued by the younger generation nor are they given the time to learn from them. Likewise the younger generation hasn’t taken advantage of what older, wiser people have learned. There is also the “instant” mentality that has crept into the Body of Christ. It can be inhibiting in building relationships, since it takes time as well as commitment to learn from each other. 1 Peter 5 has a lot of instruction in it that we need to allow to pierce our hearts. Whether an elder or younger person, one characteristic Peter seeks for people to have is humility. In society today we have many examples before us of self-centered living. The Body of Christ can be an example of being humble servants of God by not living for “self”, but humbling ourselves first before God. Then, with tender hearts, we can serve others.

1 Peter 5 commands us to “cast all our anxieties” on Him, why “because He cares for us.” The word cast literally means to throw. What encouragement that is today as we have financial, physical, and emotional cares or worries, even anxiety! This enables us to function with a view more towards eternity than the earthly day-to-day cares of living we have. The first thing is humbling ourselves, next we cast our cares on Him, and finally we must be sober and stand firm. The reason to humble and then cast our cares on Him is so we can be sober-minded, clear-minded and not bogged under with so much of life. We can then stand firm and resist the devil who seeks to utterly destroy us, leaving nothing behind when he is through. 1 Peter 5 has much more to learn from than what is written here. However, living humbly before God, casting all my cares on Him frees me to stay alert and stand firm until my journey here ends.

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