God's Story Your Story Review

Title: God’s Story, Your Story

Author: Max Lucado

Pages: 288

Publisher: Zondervan

Year: 2011

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I’ve never been an author and never published anything. How about you? Ever stand on the edge of a cliff and wonder “if I…, then what?” Sometimes in our lives we don’t remember that we are writing and publishing; we just aren’t aware of it. Our lives are time spent in various amounts with various people as well as alone in various activities or maybe in quiet. We write memories on the hearts and minds of others as they write on ours as well. It may be that what is written isn’t ever published, but in view of eternity the writing is made known. Is it seen before then? What do you think?

We are created beings by one Creator. The Creator’s story envelopes everyone. Whether people want to recognize it or not that will never change the truth of it. In this book, Max Lucado writes how God’s story can be our story. He is right; it is a choice to follow Him. God is constantly showing Himself to us in more ways than our finite minds can ever comprehend.

In ten short chapters, Max shares the wonder of God, the wisdom of God along with real-life stories that remind him and us that Someone is calling us. Like Jesus, we have an assignment. Satan doesn’t want you to know about the assignment or the God who wants you to know Him. We don’t have to live each day alone or on our own. We all get side-swiped by various tragedies, surprises, life and death. When you wake up, have you heard God calling you? Do you ever sense His presence right there with you, leading you?

Are you filled with anticipation for His return or are you burdened by today? When someone you love dies, do you cry? Guess what? Jesus did. When we graduate from this life, no more tears, sorrows, burdens…..ever! Reading this book will encourage you, make you stop and think and realize you aren’t the only one who hurts, wonders, questions or seeks. Your heart will be touched by the various truths Max shares and the stories he tells. The neat thing is you will be reminded that all of us are on a journey. Where is your destination stop? Who are listening to? Ever stop long enough to know the way He has for you to go? The writer’s style is very alluring, easy-paced and enjoyable. Don’t let that fool you though. It also helps you focus on God and decide is God’s Story also yours? I hope so. I know it is mine and I can’t wait for Graduation Day! Read the book and you will know what I mean.

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