Title: Indelible

Author: Kristen Heitzmann

Publisher: Water Brook

Pages: 338

Year: 2011

Note: I received a complimentary copy and the review can be read at

Indelible means, “1.making marks that cannot be erased, removed, or the like: indelible ink. 2. that cannot be eliminated, forgotten, changed, or the like: the indelible memories of war; the indelible influence of a great teacher.” ( House Dictionary 2012). The word is an adjective so it describes for us, but what exactly is the author describing for her readers? This is what I thought when I looked at the title, having never read any previous novels by this author.

Now having finished this novel, I can tell you that it definitely leaves an impression. What kind of impression? Well, I think for each reader it will be as unique as the person themselves. The setting for the story is the state of Colorado, United States of America. The characters are revealed little by little as each page is read.

There is a mystery to be sure not just action, but how the characters are in themselves a mystery. Their past and present lives are peeled away for us a little at a time. Each character is slowly shown to be transparent with a revelation seemingly in each chapter. The sheriff, Olympian, Cody, Nattie, Sarah, Whit and Aaron are just a few of the intriguing people.

Someone lurks in the shadows, quoting passages from a book. What book? I can’t tell you or it would ruin the story for you. There is a reporter who wants the scoop from Travis about…oh wait, I can’t tell you that either! Okay, maybe I can tell you about Cody who was saved by Travis from…wait, I can’t reveal that either. Uh, I guess you are going to have to grab the book and strap yourself down for the ride of your life! The story takes you from town, to hospital, city, art gallery, ski slopes, and mountain climbing. Add to these desertion, abuse, amputation, pain, revelation, salvation, love and you’ve got some of the ingredients that come together to make Indelible an excellent, riveting novel.

So pick up a copy, a cold drink, a comfy chair or sofa and go for the ride! This is one novel you don’t want to go without reading. Have fun! I did and it was a great ride!

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