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Maid of Fairbourne Hall Novel Reviewed!

Title: The Maid of Fairbourne Hall

Author: Julie Klassen

Pages: 416

Year: January 2012

Publisher: Bethany House

Does the time period of the 1700 to 1800’s interest you? What about the history of servants, the different levels, rules and more? Did you even know that Sarah and Samuel Adams, Jane Austen as well as many others wrote on the subject of servants in that time frame? At the beginning of each chapter, the author shares some snippet of wisdom from those who wrote about the subject whether in a book or letter or a different source. Whatever one thinks of such practices, you may find that it helps add to the understanding of the time period in which this excellent novel is set.

This was the first book of this subject and time period I have ever read as well as the first from this author. I found this book inspiring and very riveting. It also helped that the chapters were not of such a long length as to lose my attention either. The author has many scenes and plots that she flashes back to time and again without ever losing the attention of the reader.

Margret Macy is the main character of this story, as is Nathaniel Upchurch, his brother Lewis, and a sister named Helen. Margret was raised with a sister and brother both of whom are younger. Margret lost her father, and her current step-father is a shady character to say the least. There is an undercurrent of something far more sinister going on in the story. The undercurrent is so strong that along with other forces Margret is pushed in a direction she despises so much that she leaves in the cloak of night and ends up…where? Next, we see Nora working in the Upchurch home as a servant; she is the newest member of the staff and the lowest in rank. Who is Nora and why doesn’t she know how to properly do her job? Nora doesn’t have anything but a pair of spectacles, a cameo pin, and a little money. Oh, and the money Nora has she takes from another maid, causing that maid to lose her job. Nora left London and goes to …well, you better find that one out for yourself.

Also included in the story is love to be found in unusual places between unlikely people as well as shady characters, dueling, pirates, devotions and so much more. Lewis Upchurch is the eldest, Nathaniel the youngest with Helen in between them in age. She loves her brother Lewis and is rediscovering her youngest brother, Nathaniel, has decided to love the Lord. He comes home from Barbados because his father ordered him to as Nathaniel’s faith interferes with his father’s use of slaves on the plantation. There is a revolt in the story and a change in the heart of his father.

It is hard to stop here, but I must before I share too much more. Then again, if I did, it would probably be the whole book itself! Get this 5 star book as soon as you can, grab a comfy chair, a tall cool ice tea or a cup of coffee and then travel back in time and get lost reading! I know I was enjoying this book so much my guys couldn’t bother me! Grab the book, get lost in the story and enjoy! You will be more than happy you did!


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