Not in the Heart

Title: Not in the Heart

Author: Chris Fabry (

Pages: 432

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers Inc.

Year: 2012

Note: I received a complimentary copy from B & B Media Group, Inc. Other reviews can be read at

What options are there for one with overwhelming gambling debts, a failing marriage, and a distant relationship with your kids? What if you wanted to hide yet had this feeling that not only were you being followed, but threatened too? How would you cope with a son so close to death because a heart donor can’t be found? Then, when a donor is found, he is in jail!

Not in the Heart has many issues, themes, subplots and a riveting, page turning story. Truman is a man who once knew the height of success as a reporter, now the only thing he knows better is casinos. Ellen believes in God, and Truman’s ability to tell the truth of a story even though he left her holding the burden of the family. Aiden, Ellen and Truman’s son, is on life support. Will he be able to live long enough to get a heart donor? Abigail, his older sister, is like her father, but not like her father. The family unit is divided in many ways, torn between love and anger, fear and peace, life or death.

It is more than a story of a physical heart; it is a story of the heart that God wants to inhabit as well as give the gift of eternal life to those who turn to him. Everywhere Truman turns people are either talking or praying to God; however, the flip side of his life is that there are those who want their money or him dead. Interwoven with all this, is a man who has political clout and doesn’t care about anything but pursuing his vested interests. Is he the only one?

On top of all this, there is a book to write, a story to tell. There are those who want it to be published for a variety of reasons. Truman is good at what he does. He tells the truth of a story no matter where it leads. He has witnessed some awful things, but how much of it is he willing to deal with? Is this God he sees his wife and son pray to for real or just a crutch? Trying to see and understand the reality of this God amidst the backdrop of his life leads Truman on a path that brings about an ending that will stir your heart.

Real life issues are brought up within the pages of the story. Issues that not only impact the here and now, but the then and there. It rates a 5+ star from me for it is one of the best novels I have read within this genre. Once you start this book, there will be no stopping until you read to the end, so make a space in your calendar to read Not in the Heart. You will be more than glad you did!