Protection for Hire Review!

Title: Protection for Hire

Author: Camy Tang

Pages: 336

Publisher: Zondervan

Note: The author graciously sent a complimentary copy for review. You may follow and contact the author through her website at Feel free to read other reviews by Lisa on her blog

What do think of a novel that has many twists and turns, exciting action and more? Would you read a book that kept you turning pages to find out how it was going to turn out? The well-developed characters in “Protection for Hire” are the usual run-of-the-mill kind. Woven throughout the story are themes of choices, family, murder, blame, truth with the story taking place in San Francisco.

The main female lead in this fictional adventure comes from two different nationalities. She is loyal and a fighter. When she goes to prison for manslaughter, her life really takes an unexpected turn that affects both those closest to her as well as others that aren’t.

During her incarceration, life on the outside of the walls still goes on. Yet, the impact of the change within Tessa causes her to have to make very difficult choices upon her release. Will she return to life within the “family business” or choose to make a stand and risk all, even her life, to save what some would consider the “unlovable”?

Her lawyer has a past too. Charles thinks he can run away from or bury deep within himself his past, but now he isn’t so sure he can anymore. What brings it to the forefront of his life now? All Charles wants to do is become a partner in his law firm. His pro bono case is taking more hours than the lead lawyer, a partner in the firm, likes. Though Charles assures him he will work more hours without billing or slacking on other cases, this lead lawyer fights him on every request, turn or decision that is out forth.

Touching all these characters’ lives is a woman and a 3-year old boy, and someone wants the woman dead. Why does Heath want his wife dead just because she left him after he hit her? Heath hires some unsavory people to search for her, find her and hurt anyone who gets in the way. Elisabeth is told money that she inherited when she got married is all gone, so how is she to live now and provide for little Danny?

On top of this, there are two mothers who are very different; they even show their affections in totally unique ways. Charles has a brother who can defend himself and eat his mother’s cooking. Does his life have anything other than that occurring?

This is the first novel I have read by Camy Tang, and I am glad to say it will not be the last. She is definitely a gifted writer with a flair for action and adventure with all sorts of different cultures and belief systems. Camy is a Christian who speaks her belief in Him brilliantly in her writing. I know that if you read “Protection for Hire” you will be so glad that you did! My rating for her novel is a 5+. Pick up your copy of her book today, turn the noise off and get ready for an adventure!
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