Thursday, April 26, 2012

Enza By: Kristy K James

Title:  Enza
Author:  Kristy K. James
Pages:  334
Year:  2012
Publisher:  CreateSpace
Note:  I received a copy from the author for this review.  Other reviews are located at
                World War 1 began in 1914 and ended in 1919.  The United States was only directly involved in the fighting the last two years, beginning in the summer of 1917.  There are some who love history whether in a telescopic view or a microscopic view.  Some love to watch various programs on TV that share information on various facts of history.  There are other shows that give a viewpoint on a particular event of the past.  Within my family of four, there are three of us who know ancient history very well along with current events; I am the one who loves to learn about the Civil War in particular.  As a family we share what we learn or think about what we have read or heard via TV, radio or speaker.  I am constantly amazed at the amount of information my other family members know, but equally surprised to learn new things about the past too.
                Enza was a novel written by Kristy K. James, who’s a new author to me.  The neat thing about books and stories is that they never grow out of style, maybe out of print, but never without an audience.  Enza is a touching story about a little town with various types of people who live close to each other physically speaking, yet practically know very little about each other.  There is a family who has five children.  The father owns a shoe store that his father before him owned.  A minister named Colby is married to a woman who wants things not people and is so full of hatred it seems.  The postman’s name is Daniel and he meets a lady who becomes someone special to him.  There is a funeral director who becomes the father of two girls, twins to be exact, but he isn’t married so where did they come from?
During WW1 everyone in the community was learning how to live with various rations, making a living, raising kids and going to church on Sunday.  They knew the war was raging, but so few of the men from this town were overseas fighting.  Fiction can be fun to read for many reasons.  Sometimes stories teach us something we didn’t know and sometimes stories even make us cry.  I am not one who likes sad stories because there are enough trials in my life right now that crying seems to be all I do at times.  Yet Enza, though hard to read in some places because of the sad events, shows the faith in God woven throughout the pages that brings with it comfort as well as truth.  What truth is that?  Well, you have to read the story for yourself.  Enza isn’t simply about a small town existing during the First World War; it also includes a little known historical fact of something else that happened during the war.  Nope, I can’t tell you. 
                I really enjoyed the story.  I still am not sure why it is titled like it is, but the novel I just couldn’t stop reading until the end.  It receives a 4-star rating from this blogger.  You can connect with the author at



ladystorm said...

Thanks for posting, I am pretty sure the title is a shorten form of the word InfluENZA since that is what the book is about. :)

Kristy K. James said...

Hi, Lisa...
Thanks so much for the great review of Enza! Ladystorm is correct in that it it's a shortened form of influenza, taken from a poem little girls chanted while jumping rope back then. It was very creepy.

Now can I please, please, please ask a favor? I spent so many months researching 1918 that the information is almost as familiar to me as my own face in the mirror. I always discuss the story like everyone should know what I'm talking about...and then I realize that the only reason I know is because I spent so much time reading about it.

So would you be willing to email me and tell me what the little known historical fact from WW1 is? Thanks!


Kristy K. James said...

Hi, Ladystorm. Thanks for stopping by to read about Enza today. It's nice to 'meet' you. And yes, Enza is a shortened form of influenza. :)

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