Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest blog: Mystery of the Puzzle Bones

Title: Mystery of the Puzzle Bones

Author: T. A. Smith

Publisher: Borderline Publishing

Pages: 145

Year: 2010

Note: The author was kind enough to provide a copy for review.

The Mystery of the Puzzle Bones is about four boys and a dog that form the Boardunders Club. They find this sort of puzzle made of bones in this large sewer pipe right outside their club hideout. They soon find themselves running for their lives from a mob of homeless people living in the sewers who don’t want to be found by the authorities. While doing so, they discover a girl has been kidnapped by her criminally insane father. Trying to stay alive, they must also try and figure out a way to save the girl.

I would recommend this book to others because it can really strike up interest in young readers. As you read it, it just gets more interesting. A story filled with situations that, even though you sometimes doubt the fact, happen in life that get you down. In such times, we are best served to look for God’s help. So again, I recommend this book to others. Please go online and order it or go to a Christian bookstore to buy it.

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