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Kingdom Man by Tony Evans

Title:  Kingdom Man

Author:  Tony Evans

Pages:  240

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Focus on the Family

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for review from Tyndale Publishers Blogger Network.

                Some might wonder why a book written for men by a man is being read and reviewed by a woman.  Others might think there is no problem, and I am sure some just want to know about the book regardless of who read and wrote the review.  I have one son who wants to read books written by men for men; he isn’t particularly wild for any serious books written by women for men.  While I may not understand why he is like that, I accept him as he is and know it is important for men to speak to men, especially about topics that we as women frankly know little about.  We might have head knowledge to share, but the make-up of a man is so different than that of a woman.

                I have heard of Pastor Evans, especially about his speaking, many times from my husband who enjoys listening to his teaching.  For me, I have other teachers I prefer to listen to.  However, I wanted to read this book to see what the pastor was encouraging men to do as well as exhorting them to live out.  Plus sometimes reading a book such as this gives me new ideas for how to pray specifically for my husband and sons.

                Contrary to other books I have read, this is a fresh as well as much needed exhortation for men.  However, Pastor Evans goes on to show why he places these challenges before men.  Pastor Evans then takes it a step further by showing how decisions made by men affect themselves, families, churches, communities, even nations as a whole.  While most of us can’t see how a man not being a prayer warrior affects the prior list, we can certainly see the cumulative result in our society today.  How about the challenge of leading the family in alignment with the Word of God instead of society’s ideas?  We can’t see how one individual’s choice may change the big picture.  We see how society is lacking today for want of strong male leaders.

                Recently we saw what I consider an excellent example of a strong male leader, Rick Santorum.  Though he was running for the Republican ticket to be a candidate for the presidency, he laid that down for the good of his family due to the severe illness of his daughter.  Rick put his family before all of his aspirations for presidency.  He is a witness we can pray for, thank, and remember.  Tony Evans challenges the church to become more involved in disciplining men within congregations.  Tony shows how this apparent lack of discipleship affects every area of life.  Woven throughout the pages of this book, Tony shares how his father’s actions impacted him as well as his brother to become the men they are today.  Tony brings to the pages of this book clear memories that helped him make wiser decisions as a man, husband, father, friend, pastor, etc…

                I pray that men don’t just read this book, but The Book, the Bible.  Tony challenges men to read and put feet to what they learn from the Bible as well.  I hope women read this book too so that we can pray more effectively for the men we love be they husbands, boyfriends, brothers, siblings, whatever.  The rating of this book is 4-½ stars out of 5.  Read and enjoy!
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