Monday, April 30, 2012

Moishe Rosen's Life Testimony

Title:  Called to Controversy
Author:  Ruth Rosen
Pages:  320
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Note:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from BookSneeze for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are strictly my own.
                Perhaps biographies or autobiographies aren’t always interesting or they don’t have full disclosure or maybe you don’t like this genre.  What do you know of the organization JEWS FOR JESUS?  Is there anything you can recall you learned about a man named Moishe Rosen?  Did you know that his daughter Ruth wrote this book and when?
                Unlike other biographies, this one is written while Moishe is still living.  In an uncanny manner, Ruth writes the book without ignoring her father’s shortcomings, as well as what others think of Moishe, good or bad.  The life of one man is hard to capture in one book just the same as it is for Jesus Christ.  Here the story of this man starts from the very beginning of his life.  We catch glimpses of his parents, life during that timeframe as well as how his parents respond to his becoming a believer in Jesus as the Messiah.
                We get to see how he meets and marries his wife and how they begin preparations to reach out to others with the message of the Messiah.  Where does Moishe grow up and how many siblings does he have?  How do Moishe and his wife learn of the Messiah?  Next, we see how Moishe receives training and who ordains him for the ministry.  There are several people who influence Moishe and family with the relationships lasting various amounts of time.
                With the gift of evangelism, it is really interesting to see the various ways Moishe uses it and how he deals with those who heckle him or are aggressive toward the group.  His leadership style earns him both accolades, and at times, hurt feelings.  Moishe’s heart is always for One Person and to make Him known, not calls of attention to himself or JEWS FOR JESUS.  His wife lovingly stands beside him and participates in the various ministry opportunities while being a mom.  Her family story is included also so that readers can get to know the woman as a person in her own standing, not always as the wife of Moishe Rosen.
                The book has so much to share for those who want to know both the good and bad about Moishe’s life.  Readers will enjoy following the memories so many shared that are included in the book.  We will see how Moishe met his challenges and began to prepare for his home-going.  It is worth taking the time to read and learn about more than what perhaps you expect.  I highly recommend reading for enjoyment, encouragement, and to be taught by a man who lived a full life and was really someone I wish I had met before he went home to be with the Lord.  Cecil Rosen also writes her heart in a short chapter to the readers so they can catch a glimpse of her and more.  I rate this a 5-star book.  Whether you come from a Jewish background or not, you will enjoy this autobiography/biography of Moishe Rosen.

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