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Need You Now

Title:  Need You Now

Author:  Beth Wiseman

Pages:  312

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson

Note:  I received a complimentary copy from B & B Media for this review.  Other reviews can be read at

                Wow what a story!  It is not all too unusual for a novel to share aspects of historical fact or a person’s life within the pages of a book.  This new book by Beth Wiseman is not based on real people per se, but on an activity that is very real and experienced by many families.  Personally, I have known a family that has dealt with this issue and watched them cling to God as they faced it. 

                Within this book, Beth delves into the many ways people deal, hide or run from the issues of the heart that touch our everyday life.  It is a brilliantly written novel, and she leads her readers through what a family may feel when issues arise.  It is a novel written about a family who, by outward appearances, is doing quite well without any problems.  However, as trials come along the story peals back to reveal the “real” people behind the perceived perception of others.  This is a family of five who has to deal with different manners of destructive behavior, learn to really cling to God and not settle for a life apart from Him.  The characters ask questions like we all do when we go through a trial.

                The neighbor of this family is hiding a painful past of her own.  Through various experiences and choosing to draw near to God instead of running away from him, she finds healing of the heart.  Later on in the story a tragedy strikes that, while causing untold pain in the life of the characters, the reader can also identify with what one might feel if they experienced the same sadness.  The neatest thing about the novel is the hope that we can all find if we turn to God instead of away from Him.  Another wonderful truth expressed in the novel is that no one has a perfect life free of problems.  We can risk befriending those who may not draw near to God and be surprised to find out that they really want Him and need someone in the “flesh” to love them as they return to God.

                In this novel it is clearly implied that marriages aren’t perfect, and while there are times of distance or even anger between husband and wife, we can choose to forgive as He forgave us.  The novel paints an accurate portrayal of the truth that sometimes it takes time to heal from hurts, to draw close to God and learn to be okay with being “real” and not wearing a mask.  I want to tell you more about the story, but I think it best if you sit down and read it for yourself.  Let it tug your heart and speak to your life wherever you are in your walk with the Lord.  No novel takes the place of the Scriptures, so please understand I am not advocating that.  I do believe though that this well-written novel is meant to draw out of us whatever it is we don’t easily let others see, though God sees it all.

                Kudos to Beth Wiseman for courageously writing a novel based on a tender topic.  Need You Now will be a book you may want to share and discuss with others.  I hope so.  My rating for this novel is 5 stars.


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