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Words Spoken True Novel & Opportunity to win autographed copy!

Title: Words Spoken True

Author: Ann H. Gabhart

Pages: 368

Year: 2012

Publisher: Revell

Note: This blogger gratefully acknowledges the gift of the book for the review signed by the author. Other reviews are located at

Do you like history? How do you like to read historical events? Some like to read history in biographical form, others in autobiographical. There are some who like to read small pieces of history too. However, what about a historical event written in fiction format? I can tell you as a reader this is one that is a favorite of mine. I have found there have been many events, both great and small, I never would have known existed if it were not for writers putting the event onto paper for readers of all ages.

Ann H. Gabhart’s recent book, Words Spoken True, is enthralling to say the least. The story is set in Louisville, Kentucky during the early 1850’s. During this time, there occurred divisions among various nationalities, religious affiliations, political views, and believe it or not the written word of newspapers. There didn’t exist the multitude of inventions such as radio, internet, television, or phones. People learned about the “happenings” by the printed words in a newspaper and got them from the young lads who ran around to sell them to anyone who wanted to know what was going on.

The novel Words Spoken True contains a variety of characters with lives affected and intertwined in many ways. There are two main newspapermen who start their newspapers and are rivals in many ways. Add to that the distrust of those who seek to control the press as they do not want some events in print and other happenings they do want printed, depending on who will gain an advantage. Editorials are written like two sparring boxers, taking their views about people or occurrences and putting them on paper as if they are actually looking their opponent in the face.

We have in this fictional story a girl named Adriane Darcy, who runs a newspaper with her father. He had owned it at one time. Why now does she have to marry someone she doesn’t love in order to save their beloved newspaper? Their competitor, Mr. Chestnut, hires as an editor, Mr. Blake, assuring him he can write and print anything he wants. That promise is almost rescinded because what is being printed is threatening the current political race. As you continue to read, there are at odds those people who want to win political seats. In order to do so, they are keeping other people from voting. Who were those who couldn’t vote? Well, I can’t let the “cat out of the bag” and ruin it for you!

Also taking place in the book, is a murderer who is ruthlessly killing young Irish girls, but who and why he is doing this don’t become apparent too soon in the novel. While hints are revealed in the story, everything comes to a head in a way that keeps the reader engaged until the very end. Love is also an important part of the story as is the Word of God. Ann H. Gabhart’s novel is magnificent as well as superbly telling a true historical event inside a fictional story. Words Spoken True is the second of two novels in this genre to receive a 5+ star rating from this reader. With spring here and opportunities to get outside and enjoy the beauty, grab this book, a chair and a cold drink. This is one story you want to read while enjoying the great outdoors!


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