Monday, April 2, 2012

YA Review of Mystery in Dark Island

Title: Mystery in Dark Island

Author: T. A. Smith (

Guest Blog Post By: Tim Johnson (

Year: 2009

Pages: 201

Publisher: Catacomb Publishing, LLC

Rating: 3.5 stars

The story is about this teenage senior named Nic Taylor taking a high school trip to Rio de Janeiro. As he is sailing to Rio de Janeiro, he runs into a storm that shipwrecks him on what appears at first to be merely a dark cave. He discovers two boats, one is an old-style sailing ship called the Lil Lady, and the other is a German Nazi frigate. Later, he finds he’s on an island that has been isolated from the rest of the world, and is run by a psychopath named Stythe. He soon becomes like a hunted animal. He makes friends with some of the islanders and makes some interesting discoveries. All the while, Nic wonders if there really is a God out there who cares about him and will rescue him from the dangers on the island.

This book is the first of a Christian action adventure series that is about the main character, Nic Taylor, and his adventures on Dark Island. This book is very interesting and I recommend it to others. However, I must warn that this book contains what I see as a briefly inappropriate reference; of course, the main character isn’t one of those people who believe in a God. Otherwise, I believe people will want to read this book and to find out what they think of it.

What I liked about the story was that in a Christian way, part of it reminded me of some movies that some explorers go on a trip and find themselves in turnabout and dangerous world all of sudden. Also, there is the journey of a human being’s coming to believe in our Lord though there are many times he is full of doubt. The only thing I didn’t like in the book is the reference mentioned above.

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