As One Devil To Another

Title:  As One Devil to Another
Author:  Richard Platt
Pages:  208
Publisher:  Tyndale
Year:  2012
Note:  I received a complimentary copy from Tyndale for an honest review.  The opinions expressed in the review are my own.
                Did you hear in the news earlier this year of the one man show entitled The Screwtape Letters?  There is a book by that title written by C.S. Lewis.  Have you ever read that?  Well, now you can not only read that book, but in the style of Lewis read One Devil to Another by Richard Platt.  While I sat and read this book in a few hours, don’t think it can’t be something you can also learn from as well as enjoy.  Within the pages of this novel, I found nuggets of truth that were thought provoking and refreshing.
                In Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, the reader watches a factious interaction between two devils, one instructing the other in the art of placing pitfalls before mankind.  Along with this we are reminded of how real our enemy is, though we cannot see him or his minions.  Though purely fiction, anyone who reads this book can see how the enemy never relents in “seeking whom he may devour.”  The devil is our adversary; he seeks not to placate, but to utterly destroy those who follow Christ.  In addition, the devil seeks to keep those who inquire or seek God from trying to do so by lies and deception, even dressing as an angel of light.
                In this novel, As One Devil to Another, there is communication between one devil, who is described as a friend, uncle, and mentor, and his “nephew”.  As you read the story a picture is placed in your mind of how these beings are taught to deceive, cause divisions, and serve Satan.  The scene places the younger devil trying hard to keep a woman from attaining her goals.  There is a gardener at a university who opens the woman’s eyes by bringing a different perspective to light.  Later on, we learn the woman has an aunt, then she meets a scientist, and the woman even goes to a Bible study.
                How does this all play out?  What is the response in the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God?  In the end, what happens to the two devils may really surprise you!  In the book, the idea of good versus evil is not part of this story.  Richard Platt places before the reader fictitious scenes, words, and actions that are based not on literal occurrences, but on how Scripture clearly reveals the devil.  The reader is also confronted with the truth that man is free to make choices throughout his life regarding who to believe and ways to stand firm until the end.
                I hope you grab a copy of the book and enjoy it to the fullest.  It is a 5-star book, and one I hope leads others to read writings by C. S. Lewis.  Perhaps readers will learn about not only the man’s writings, but also about the man who left a written testimony from which we can all learn something.
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