Everybody's daughter...Awesome

Title:  Everybody’s Daughter

Author:  Michael John Sullivan    www.MichaelJohnSullivan.com

Pages:  328

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Fiction Standard

                What would you do if you could travel back to the time when Jesus walked the earth?  Is there a particular time of Jesus’ life you would like to witness for yourself?  Have you any questions you would love to ask Jesus?  This story is a continuation of the first in this series entitled, Necessary Heartbreak, which I recommend you read first.  Even if you don’t read that book first, you will be engrossed in the story within minutes of starting.

                There is man named Michael, who is a single father, raising a daughter alone.  They have been together without a wife/mother since after Elizabeth was born.  How did they end up where they are?  Where are they?  Well, it depends on what part of the story you are reading.  The author leads his readers through the characters he created to the many different events in the life of Jesus.  Michael and Elizabeth can’t go to Jerusalem any time they want to though, and they aren’t the only ones who have experienced this phenomenon.  In a church, there is a Black Book where many pastors have written down stories from people who have traveled back in time.  Does this book contain clues for those who follow them?

                Dennis is the pastor and he has a past.  What kind of past?  One that shows his many mistakes and a desire now to be forgiven of the sins he has committed.  Dennis’ past somehow involves Michael’s, but how?  There are Connie, Sammie, and Jim who know Michael or want to know him, but Michael wants nothing to do with them.  The FBI wants to talk to Michael about his daughter; they think he has done something to her.  Why?  Well, you’ve got to read the book!  In the story, it is interesting how different characters respond to what Michael or Elizabeth tells them.  Some think they have lost it while others believe them.  Though they can’t travel back in time when they want to, there is something that links the travel times together.  Can you guess what it is?

                In this work of fiction, you and I are shown how lives interact with others.  We see how Jesus might be working in our lives to make all things new.  Sometimes we might even forget that God has a better plan that we can’t quite grasp or the fact that He is present always.  I read this book with a thirsty soul and came through to find I enjoyed the story immensely.  You might find you can relate to a character or two as they come together to create a brilliant masterpiece.  For me, this is a 5-star book.  This is a book that is believable and well-written fiction that has a touch of reality.  Can you find it?

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