Exceptional Commentary

Title:  A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1: 1-41

Author:  Allen P. Ross

Pages:  928

Publishers:  Kregel Academic & Professional

Year:  2012

Note:  I received a complimentary copy from Kregel publishers for this review. Other reviews located at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/

          One of the reasons I love to look through commentaries is to glean the richness of the Scriptures from those who study them in a depth that enriches the soul.  There are various commentaries of the 66 individual books of the Bible, with some being valuable while others may not be.  Some may determine the use of a commentary based on denominational preference, others to understand various viewpoints.  One thought must always be foremost in the user’s mind and that is to clearly understand the truth of the Word of God first and foremost.  The deeper we dig into the Word, the closer we see the beauty and majesty among other qualities of our God and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are some commentaries I would not recommend as they are based on opinion instead of thorough study.  Man’s writings will never be perfect for there is only one Book that is truthful, The Bible.

          Most people tend to delve right into the commentary; I usually read a couple of pages in different parts of the book while standing in a bookstore.  I pray as I look, and have only a couple times regretted purchasing a particular commentary.  Here, however, is one commentary I found to be just exceptional.  Why?  While reading the Preface, I read the author’s purpose on page 11, “...was to focus on the chief aim of exegesis, the exposition of the text.”  Allen P. Ross acknowledges the various historical variations of the text in Psalms 1-41; however, as stated on page 12, “So I have written this commentary for pastors, teachers, and all serious students of the Bible who wish to develop their understanding of the Book of Psalms, to improve their ability to expound it with precision and depth.”  This means to me that he wrote for anyone seeking God.  It is not an academic book, but rich with information gleaned from the Scripture to aid anyone for any reason.

          This is not a commentary on parts of Psalms 1-41, but the whole Psalm.  The Scripture is right there for the reader followed by: Composition & Context, Exegetical Analysis, and Commentary in Expositional Form, ending with Message and Application.  The footnotes show the original language as well as explain the meaning.  These footnotes aren’t necessarily distracting or too many and that helps the student to read and understand the Scriptures.

          I find this type of commentary very beneficial as a student of the Word of God for my own walk with the Lord.  It also benefits me as a woman who shares the Word of God in study time with other women.  This commentary is refreshingly different because it seeks to help us understand the Word and not be divided based on denominational leanings or any other preconceptions.  Allen P. Ross’ commentary rates a 5+ star and I highly recommend it to anyone who seeks God.



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