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Finding our Way Home review

Title:  Finding Our Way Home
Author:  Charlene Baumbich
Pages:  336
Year:  2012
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for review from Blogging for Books.  Others written by this blogger can be read at or follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988.

                Two women from very different backgrounds, experiences, social status, and a generation apart find themselves together in a small town.  One is a former ballet dancer who grew up in that same small town long before the young lady now living with her had been born.  Both of them are worlds apart in attitude, class, and personality.  So why are they together?  How do they ever cross the going from a business relationship to almost being like a mother and daughter boundary after becoming friends?
                The author does a stunning job writing her story with humor, as well as knowledge of ballet.  Evelyn is the 19-year-old free spirit of a girl who speaks her mind in a no nonsense way.  Sasha is a thirty-something ballerina who has had a terrible accident.  Through the pages we follow Sasha’s long and arduous journey to find meaning in her life in ways other than in the world of dancing.  One is a married woman, the other an engaged woman.  In different parts of the story, we see conflict within themselves and their lives as well as between each other, but why?
                One lost her mother a short time back, and her father has been gone for years now.  The other has both parents living, but there is friction there too.  Evelyn is a talented artist, business smart, and a reader of any and all topics.  Sasha has never had time to read before.  What are they seeking?  Is it the same thing--trying to find purpose in life?
                Who are Jordan and Donald?  Are they two of a kind or worlds apart in many ways?  What does a snow globe with a ballerina inside have to do with the women?
Grace.  When you hear this word what picture comes to mind?  Have you experienced grace at all?  Was it in good times, bad times or both?  Well, grab this wonderful novel, a comfy blanket and lose yourself in the story.  I did and it was well worth it!
My rating:  Five stars.

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