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Director's Cut

Title:  The Director’s Cut
Author:  Janice Thompson
Year:  2012
Pages:  296
Publisher:  Revell
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.  Other reviews can be read on the blog located here: and on Twitter @lcjohnson1988

Also for your reading pleasure:  More of Janice’s joyful take on her behind-the-scenes experiences:
 Feature article from Family Fiction:

                                When was the last time you sat down, began a book and ended up completing it within a couple of hours?  Some perhaps make reading a regular part of the day or week, maybe even once a month.  Others may get a book read in a year because of all the activity in their lives or lack of desire to read.  Regardless the reason for reading a book as you do, this wonderful work of fiction is just an easy, enjoyable, and pleasurable novel.
                Tia is a director of a wonderful sitcom who tends to believe she has everything under control, both in the studio as well as in real life.  Rex is the producer, married to a lady who dresses in a variety of clothing from various movies and can quote lines, even when she cannot remember what she ate for breakfast.  Tia’s family life, from her point of view, has held nothing but heartaches as she wrestles with how God let life happen as it has.  Tia has walls around her life and her heart until Jason begins to show her how God had her right where she needed to be and knew what He was doing all along.
                Erin is a student from a well-known school in that area who is brought to the studio to be Tia’s production assistant.  Erin’s personality begins to show Tia the sharp contrast between her and Erin in many ways that causes Tia to question…well I can’t tell you this part.  During a taping of the show, an earthquake happens, later in the season a baby is born, a famous star weds and Tia along with her family begin to see the need for change.
                During the end of the year party and looking forward to the summer break, Jason wants Tia to learn how to surf.  Will Tia take the challenge?  Rex talks to her about taking over the producer’s job in the future when he retires.  What does Tia decide?  The Director’s Cut is the author’s last book for the Backstage Pass series.  What happens to the characters her readers want to know?  Well, Janice shares with us what she views as the future for her characters.  We also get a preview of the author’s plans on what to write on next, or should I say who?
                It is nice to be able to pick up a book, read it, and finish it with a light heart.  You will find her writing light-hearted, encouraging, real, and full of surprises.  There is no pretense that this is not a thriller, suspense or mystery, just reading a well written story in an afternoon.  Wherever you like to spend time chilling out, take this novel with you to lose yourself for awhile.
My rating for this work of fiction is five stars.     
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