Exposed, Inexcusable me...Irreplacable Him

Title:  Exposed, Inexcusable me…Irreplaceable Him
Author:  Shannon M. Deitz
Pages:  300
Year:  2010
Publisher:  Pleasant Word-A Division of Wine-Press Publishing
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.  Other reviews can be read on the blog located here: and on Twitter @lcjohnson1988
Have you ever looked at the cover of a book or read the back cover to get an idea of what it is about only to learn there is more than meets the eye?  While I wasn’t sure at first where the author, Shannon M. Deitz, was going with her book, it became apparent as I pressed on that I was reading her life’s testimony as well as her giving God the glory.  While there may be parts of her book I don’t agree with theologically speaking, I am astounded by how God has worked in her life.
                Memoirs are written for a variety of reasons, but how Shannon shares her testimony can’t really be thought of in this genre.  By the title alone, you might get the idea that it is about God.  However, this book is a book that fits into a lot of different genres like spiritual, biography, and nonfiction even though as you read it that may appear to be what it is.  Shannon shares her life story with a transparency that draws you to her though not to the dirt it may contain on her or others.  She shares her struggle with faith, men, alcohol, spiritual warfare, and more.
                Yes, there were times I had to take a break as I felt the weight of what she was sharing as well as how she felt.  Shannon shares how God drew her to Himself, wanting to love on her as well as through her.  There is a ministry that was birthed from her experiences.  There are other ministries that offer hope and help where people can go if they experience what she has experienced.  These ministries can  also help those who might have experienced other issues besides what she talks about in her book.
                In honesty, she shares not just her experiences, but also sorrows, joys, struggling with a disease, and more.  Some issues Shannon has experienced are the loss of an unborn baby, date rape as well as feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.  There are other subjects like forgiveness, learning to hear from the Holy Spirit, raising a son with ADHD, and so much more.  As you open the book, you meet her past square on and then move through her life to where she is living life today.
                For anyone who has experienced abuse, rape, or incest or other difficult experiences, Shannon shares hope, freedom, and light for those who seek to come out of the darkest valleys.  Others may enjoy reading her testimony in order to understand the suffering endured by family or friends as well as learning to hear God.  It is worth the time to read this book.  A part of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to help survivors of abuse.  Read it, share the book with others perhaps or go where God leads.
My rating of the book is four stars.
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