Guest Post by Author Michael O'Gara

Reflections on Writing and Books
By Michael O’Gara

If you are reading this on Lisa’s blog I assume we have something in common; a love of books.  I have always had a passion for imaginative stories and in the past have been a prolific reader.  These days I write more than I read and am working at being a prolific writer.   I write in genres different from those enjoyed in my early adult life and though over the years my taste in genres has changed my basic love of a good story has not.  This is probably why I try to write engrossing stories and I have been fortunate to receive positive feedback.  Some of the feedback included observations on how my writing style changed and became even better the more I wrote.
As a word of encouragement and warning to other writers and artists, don’t expect all feedback to be positive.  No matter what your medium or genre not everyone will like what you create.  I have read best-selling authors who appealed to my personal tastes and some who did not.  In the latter case it wasn’t that they weren’t good writers, they were.  Sometimes their style just wasn’t for me.  Perhaps their story type, style of writing, or genre did not appeal to me.  Part of the literary maturing process is differentiating between writing proficiency and what does or doesn’t appeal to you. 
A book may not appeal to you but be well written and have an audience that will enjoy it.  Reviewers who know the difference between good and bad writing versus personal likes and dislikes will serve their readers better.  If you are a blogger who reviews books try to distinguish the difference.  If you are a reader just find those writers whose stories you enjoy.  If you are a writer just write realizing your work will appeal to some and not to others.  That is a fact of life and should not discourage you.  It should be sufficient that some people enjoy your work.
 I’ve been asked how writing came to be my work.  My answer is that I believe it is what God created me to do and why I am now moved to do it.  At one point in life I used my creativity as musician and then later as a visual artist.  Those were part of my journey to finding my true creative passion.  I write now because I know it’s an important part of who I am.
I’ve been asked where I get my ideas and that is part of who I am for I have a very active imagination.  In hindsight I realize it’s always been like that for me.  The ideas just come to me similar to daydreaming but in Technicolor and like a full length movie not a thirty second commercial.  Of course the length of a novel means the logical part of a good writer’s brain must be well developed to organize and keep track of characters, events, times, and important elements in order to develop a coherent story line.  I think writing requires both right and left brain activities: the creative and the logical.  The story line, the time line, and the characters must all have an internal unity if a writer is to be successful.
I believe the writer is successful when he or she is able to draw the reader into a virtual world outside of time and space and the reader is voluntarily willing to suspend awareness of reality to experience the virtual world of the story; to become immersed in it.  I believe it is the reader’s “I don’t want to put the book down” reaction that is a measure of the degree to which they are drawn into the story’s virtual reality.  THAT’S WHEN A READER IS REALLY ENJOYING THE BOOK!
Please, find the books you are willing to get lost in.

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Michael O’Gara is a full time writer of mystery thriller and action adventure novels.  He resides in Missouri with his wife Ronda. 
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