Monday, June 11, 2012

The Happenstance Marshall Novel review

Title:  The Happenstance Marshall

Author:  Michael O’Gara

 Twitter:  Michael O'Gara @ ogarabooks

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PDF Pages:  188

Note:  This author was kind enough to allow me to read a complimentary copy for this review!  My reviews can be read at

                Michael O’Gara is a new author to this reviewer and publishes his own work, which includes The Happenstance Marshall.  I found the story of a small-town marshal quite intriguing; I sure hope you do too.  At first glance, the title might make one think it is of the western genre, but it is a mystery with suspense that builds as one progresses through the fictional story.

                The book begins with the main character, Millie, and her brother Shamus in a major disagreement.  Each of them has heartaches from past and recent loss of loved ones.  The town they live in is crumbling financially, city hall finances are on the verge of bankruptcy, and people are out of work.  Mitch O’Keefe is called in to help save the city finances and, if at all possible, find out why the town’s finances are such a wreck.  However, most people only know Mitch by his first name.  Why is it that people are keeping his last name under wraps?

                As the story progresses, the plot thickens and there are hints that the corruption that has taken place has lasted for two decades.  Mitch and Millie begin to uncover the problems, which soon involve more people than originally suspected.  While living near a lake, Millie begins to notice regular plane landings on the lake, but has no clue or information regarding the planes, cargo or passengers.  Later on, readers are introduced to a new pastor and his desire to know the community as he seeks to reach out to the community.  Millie is caught between the affections and desires of two men, one is Mitch and the other is Pastor Dan to whose church Millie has recently been attending.

                In town, crime is on the rise.  News trucks and newspapers come from all over to capture the events.  There are small-time dealers going down, but there is more than meets the eye underneath the happenings so much so that county, state, and the feds are getting involved.  Action and suspense climax as we see the battle between those who want their town to grow and those who are out to sabotage all attempts to do so.  Who are the small players and major players in the crime syndicate?  Are there townspeople involved?  Will they be arrested or will they be able to flee before being arrested?  Get the eBook and set yourself down for an adventure.  See if you can figure out “whodunit” before you turn the last page.

Rating for this eBook is 5 stars!

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