KLUTCHclub Review

KLUTCHclub Review
This is a different sort of review.  Not only is the look different, but it isn’t about books.  It is about a product I heard about and tried, called KLUTCHclub.  Ever hear of this?  Well, it is company that promotes various items that pertain to our health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.  Every month they send out a box that has the latest in samples for you to try before you buy or includes excellent coupons for an item!  Now how cool is that?
Every month you get a box that comes directly to your door.  You can subscribe to continue getting KLUTCHclub each month.  They offer a 1-year subscription for $16/month, a 3-month subscription for $17/month or 1-month for $18 with Free Shipping!  Let me share with you what I received in my first box.  They sent a cool water bottle with summer being here, and if you’re into yoga (which isn’t my forte) they include a coupon for a free download of your choice from www.yogadownload.com.  Also included were two $25 off www.Movingcomfort.com bra coupons, one for me and one to give away.
I also got to try a O.N.E. Coconut water, two Think Thin snacks; one had chocolate in it and the other peanut butter, which just happen to be my favorites.  Hydroxatone Instant Effect 90 second wrinkle wonder, plus the opportunity to get a month free when I sign up for a 3-month subscription! Now anyone who likes to try before buying or getting coupons like I was sent, then this is the club for you to join.  I found them very warm, quick to answer my email questions and friendly too.  Here is their website if you too would like to try this out or learn more http://www.klutchclub.com/.
                They also can be followed via Twitter or FaceBook.


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