Monday, June 25, 2012

Loving well

Title:  Loving Well {Even if you haven’t been}
Author:  William P. Smith
Pages:  304
Publisher:  New Growth Press
Year:  2012
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review from B & B media.

                One of the neat things about reading and writing is discovering new authors, ideas, and more.  Perhaps this author is not new to some of you, but it was the first book of his I have read.  While some nonfiction books don’t keep me interested past the preface, I am glad to say this is one of those that I not only liked, but also found refreshing.  Why?  Well, sometimes when we are in a season of storms in our lives we aren’t sure anyone really cares or understands.  It might even be that some of us have found the “church” not so interested in the happenings of the lives of their flock outside the walls of the building.  Here, though, William Smith shares the hope that there are community churches with them actively involved in each other’s lives.  They not only care; they do something to physically make a difference.
                Now is that all there is to this book?   Most certainly not, there is so much more.  There are many people, communities, and churches who would find this book both encouraging and challenging.  The author divides this book into three main categories that make it easy for the reader to see what the premise is and how it will be presented.  In Part 1, “Love that responds to a Broken World”, we are given five chapters to see how different types of love can make a difference.  In Part 2, “Love that reaches Out to build Others Up”, presents five chapters on ways to act to help others.  In the final section, Part 3, “Love that enjoys Heaven on Earth”, we read five more chapters on how community can love each other.
                The author writes very transparently with what he struggles with in the ways of being, acting, and showing love to his family, to the church, and to counseling people.  We are reminded, again, that authors share what they are learning not because they have perfected it in their lives, but because it is the truth we need to be reminded of and practice until we go to heaven.  There is so much that is comforting because it affirms my personal belief that we need to care for each other so the world sees Who we love because He first loved us.  I also found some things that were challenging too.  I saw ways in which I fail to be an ambassador for Christ in simple ways.  When you read this book, you might learn something else besides what I share here and that would be cool!  In either case, this is a book the Body of Christ needs to read, discuss, and actively live out within the community of believers.
                I pray you get a copy to read and meditate on or discuss with others as there are questions to ponder after each chapter is presented.  This would be a great small group book or mentoring book because it would make the truths shared become a reality.  How?  In small groups or mentoring, accountability is easier to practice than in larger groups.  However, you want to use this book, it is a great tool.  Personally I rate it a 5-star book and can’t wait to read how this book may impact your life as well!

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