Praying God's Word for your Husband

Title:  Praying God’s Word for your Husband
Author:  Kathi Lipp
Year:  2012
Pages:  208
Publisher:  Revell
Note:  I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Other reviews can be read at or on Twitter @lcjohnson1988

                Prayer.  You may be thinking not another book on prayer!  Then again you may be thinking,” I have been praying for my husband and it didn’t change a thing”.  Perhaps it changed you or your husband.  You might think you don’t need another book telling you “how to” when you struggle just get through the day liking him let alone loving him.  Maybe you’re like me in that you feel some guilt because what “should” be done is not what you are doing.  Don’t go just yet.  Read on and see if you receive encouragement from the Word of God to help direct your prayer time.  After all, it isn’t about “should have” or “could have” or even “would have”.  It is all about conversing with God in a deeper way than just a quick prayer before you lose your temper, although those don’t hurt either.
                One of the lessons we ladies forget is that we aren’t responsible to change our husbands, wouldn’t you agree?  Oh, I am not saying we don’t want to, but what I am saying is God doesn’t hold us responsible to change them, but to just be willing to allow Him to change us.  Now perhaps a thought just flashed in your mind that went something like this:  “Why am I always the one who has to change?  Why not pick on him for a change God?”  Ever feel that way?  I have and I struggle sometimes with it too.  However, God hasn’t made us to be “mothers” to our husbands.  What He has made us to be are helpmates.  God did say it wasn’t good for man to be alone, which it isn’t unless He calls you to a life without a mate.  Then, it is a different ball game altogether.
                One of the author’s thoughts on page 20 I found quite thought provoking.  Maybe it may help you too.  “God is not looking for us to impress him with our prayers, but he does want us to be open to letting him impress our hearts.”  Well, what do think about that statement?  Maybe we don’t pray because we can’t seem to get past the many ways we think we “ought” to do something.  Yet God in His infinite wisdom gave us His Word that we can use as a guide for when we pray to Him.  There are many ways to use this guide, which is full of Scripture and prayers for our use in our time with the Lord.  The author suggests many ways to use the guide such as in a small group setting or with another friend.  However you choose to use it, the main thing is being consistent in praying for your husband.  Prayer can sometimes be a threatening activity in a room of people or even with one friend.  Why is that? 
  We women for the most part love to talk; some are more extroverted than others.  When it comes to prayer though, we tend to hear what others are saying and compare ourselves, thinking we don’t “measure up”.  Maybe it is threatening because it deals with the heart and we prefer to keep people on the outside because we think once they see the inside they will bolt.  Perhaps some of you have had your heart broken by that very action, either you felt judged or were judged or you lost a person’s respect once they saw the “real you”.  In either case, while it is risky to share your deepest heart with some person, don’t keep you to you.  God has a wonderful way of bringing the right person into your life to share Himself with you in that friendship and vice versa.  Allow God to help you get past the “front porch” of your heart so you can experience the inner Presence in the deepest places of your heart.
Rating for this guide is 5 stars.
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