Tracie Peterson's: Chasing the Sun

Title:  Chasing the Sun
Author:  Tracie Peterson
Year:  2012
Pages:  352
Publisher:  Bethany House
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review from Bethany Publishers.  Follow me on twitter @lcjohnson1988 or my bog

                Tracie Peterson has been a favorite author of mine for some time.  So when I learned of another series coming out, to say I was excited is an understatement.  The Civil War era, including the time before as well as after, has been an interesting period to revisit.  While this is purely a work of fiction, it also gives us a look into possibly how some people may have been affected.
                Two people following in obedience to their fathers find themselves in Texas or on the front lines in a battle that occurred at Vicksburg.  Never could Hannah or William see any reason to establish a working relationship on the ranch let alone, entertaining thoughts of their future.  However, Hannah Dandridge is in Texas after her father recently lost his second wife in the South.  Her father moved for many reasons one of which was the hope of a better future for his three remaining children.
                William is a Texan through and through; yet, he too in obedience found himself fighting for the North.  By nature a peaceful man, loving his ranch and the state of Texas, he comes home with a wound that keeps him in constant pain only to find out his family’s ranch has been given away.  What happened to it and by whose authority was this done?  He comes home to find a different family living in his home and an older gentleman seeking to grasp a firm hold, not just on the ranch, but on Hannah as well.  Mr. Lockhart was in business as a lawyer with Hannah’s father, but was there more to this partnership?  Was the final requests of the father, Mr. Dandridge, really true or only the scheming of his partner Mr. Lockhart? 
                So many questions remained unanswered for the Dandridge children.  Their future is very uncertain.  Where will they live if the ranch is given back to William?  How can a confession have changed more lives than anyone could have imagined?  In a story of forgiveness, love, struggle, and intrigue set toward the end of the Civil War, we see these storylines and more presented in this fictional novel that will grip a reader from the first page to the last.  There is a sequel to this story already published, Touching the Sky (June 2012) and Taming the Wind (September 2012).  This novel, Chasing the Sun, is one of Tracie Peterson’s masterpieces.  Pick up a copy for yourself and go back in time via your imagination.  You will be so glad you took the trip!
Rating:  Five stars
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